Father’s Day Encouragement


A Father, Who is a father?

You are a man of purpose ordained to protect and raise up tender souls


You carry a picture of perfection in your heart concerning your children

It’s like a visionary project you will labor to bring into existence

Many times you are misunderstood and labelled like other who have failed

Your faithfulness to your task are often attacked because your stand to bring your dream to pass

Father, you have denied yourself to see the lifting of your children

The power of your words gives your children assurance in their trying times

Your experience have enabled your children to hold to your fatherly council

As fathers, in the hurt you carry you must hold your head up and maintain your dignity

Father, maintain your love even in suffering for the eyes of you children shall discover truth.

The eyes of the Lord are upon you fathers, you are a special kind

The world shall not have the final say

Your purpose is shaped by the mighty creator who is ordaining your steps

May you receive the strength of the Lord to endure all that is set against who you are

May your joy be fulfilled in the appreciation your children shows to you

May the fruit of your labor in the lives of your children bring forth joy and laughter

Happy Father’s Day


27 thoughts on “Father’s Day Encouragement”

  1. Yeeees beautiful beautifully said, great encouragement yes we learnt from our heavenly Father many of us haven’t been appreciated inspite of the vast responsibilities that we have as a father but we didn’t running away good father’s stood the test of time happy Father’s Day to all fathers

    • Oh hallelujah. Thank God for His wisdom that He has given to father so that those who didn’t run away from their responsibilities and the test of time use it to the glory of God Happy Father’s Day to all committed father worldwide, bond or free. The purpose of God is upon us all

    • Thanks you my mother. Thank be to God for His directives in putting this writing together. It took a long time because the writings keep deleting by itself or if i press backspace a whole chunk of the writing disappear. It was a task but I was determined to do this post.


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