The Challenges Of Purpose

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Purpose is the reason for the existence of a thing or person. A manufacturer who carefully designs a motor vehicle has done it for a particular reason or purpose. Whenever God wants to do something great in the world He will choose someone to carry out the task. Such person we would say has a purpose on his or her life. Throughout the ages we can identify persons who have been called by God and have faced various challenges of their purpose.

Greatness With A Purpose

Whenever greatness is established upon a lineage there will be battles. God called Abraham for a purpose. That was to establish a people out of him and make him a great nation. There was a promise from God which seemed impossible to the natural man. Abraham and Sarah were very old and Sarah was also barren, which were the challenges of purpose they faced. They were doubtful of what God told them. God’s word came to pass when the promised child Isaac was born. Later in life Isaac who should carry on the mandate of God’s plan had a challenge because his wife Rebecca was barren. Through prayer Isaac and Rebecca were able to receive their breakthrough.


Their son Jacob was chosen by God instead of his elder brother (Romans 9:13) He had gone through various challenges until he had the experience of wrestling with an angel. Through his wrestling he received a new name called Israel and an understanding of who he was. The angel told him in Genesis 32: 28 “Thy name shall be called no more Jacob, but Israel: for as a prince hast thou power with God and with men, and hast prevailed”       

Rejecting The One With A Purpose

A young man called Joseph was loved by his father and his brothers hated him. He was gifted with the ability to dream and interpret dreams. He told his siblings of his dreams and they hated him more. They wanted to get rid of him and when the opportunity came they threw him in a pit. Later they took him out and sold him. He was taken to Egypt but his purpose remained with him. After various challenges he went to prison. His gift of interpreting dreams became his instrument of deliverance from prison.

The king had a dream and needed an interpreter. Joseph was called in and his ability to interpret the dream and the wisdom for the solution promoted him to become the governor of Egypt. All the rejection, lies and imprisonment were the challenges of purpose but Joseph remain faithful to God. Later when the famine got worse across the world Joseph’s father sent his brothers to Egypt to buy corn. They came to Egypt and had to bow to Joseph God meant it for good.

There was a young man called Jephthah was the son of a harlot. He was cast out from his father’s house by his brothers. His father’s wife sons grew up and cast him out and said unto him “Thou shalt not inherit in our father’s house; for thou art the son of a strange woman” He ran away and later when the Amorites made war with the Israel, the elders went to him and requested that he become their captain. Sometimes our purpose can be realized when those who reject us have their needs.

Need For Deliverance

When Israel was in bondage, they cried out to God for deliverance until God raised up a deliverer. When Moses was born the Pharaoh at the time decided to kill all the male Jewish babies. Moses mother saw that he was a ‘goodly child’ (Exodus 2: 2kjv) she hid him three months. God had given her that ability to see value in Moses and she had to do whatever possible to secure him. Pharaoh’s request became the challenges of purpose but Moses mother defied the king’s expectation.

One could ask why this Pharaoh did not try to destroy the male babes before? We could safely say that purpose will always be challenged. God in His wisdom purposed to allow Moses to grow in the house of this Pharaoh who would have want to kill him as a baby. The principalities and powers that controlled Egypt and dictates to Pharaoh had to submit themselves while God’s purpose was working out. Moses eventually became the vessel of deliverance.

Our Challenges Never Defeat Our Purpose

Many of us as children of God can testify of the many challenges we have been through and how God delivered us. Some of us are challenged from the womb. Some people can testify of challenges even by those of their household. Remember Joseph who was hated by his siblings because of the purpose on his life.

The power of salvation through Jesus Christ and God’s words concerning helps us to overcome the challenges from day to day.

Forms Of Challenges

  • There can be setbacks when trying to achieve in life
  • Attacks from the womb to abort life and greatness
  • There are those with a purpose faces constant attack with sicknesses
  • The devil influences people to hate those are called by God
  • Persons with great purposes on their life often face rejection

Achieving Purpose

For us to achieve our purpose we must strengthen our relationship with the Living God. It is He who calls us and holds the blueprint of our destiny. It is our duty to seek Him so He can show us and unfold the steps we must take.

Keys To Overcome the Challenge Of Purpose

  • Obeying God’s word.
  • Be a person of prayer
  • Desire the will of God for our lives and take keen interest in achieving our purpose.
  • Be hospitable because we may entertain angels unaware and receive our blessing.
  • Acknowledge our destiny helpers because they are positioned to move our lives forward.

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