Wishing You Happy Mother’s Day

Today I take this privilege to wish all mothers a Happy Mother’s Day. You have been given a chance to bring forth life and we celebrate you. May all your effort never go unnoticed and your life will be a shining light. Many mothers to be will learn from your experience so never fail to express it. I am happy to express my gratitude to my mother and to all mothers with the poem below. Please enjoy and give your thoughts about it.

A Poem To Mothers: Happy Mother’s Day

You have been chosen by God to bring a child into this world


From the man came this seed wrapped up in destiny

Placed in nature’s best incubator warm and comfy.

A gift to this generation set for duty

Discomfort arises, but you were determine, because motherhood is thine

Determine to know the gender, is it a girl or a boy? whoever, it’s mine!!

Mother, it wasn’t easy, but you did it

Mother stooping down as son wishing her Happy Mother's Day

No man can do what you have done

No Man can feel what you have felt.

You tell us so we only imagine

We’ve seen your joy, when to this world there is a life you bring

Oh, to you, there is a word-less song we sing

You had some sleepless night, some weary days

Through it all a wonderful child you raise

But the joy of it all, mother you have done it.

Looking back it was worth the sacrifice

Only thy soul knows the pain and the price

On that day of delivery you smiled so bright

It’s like a new day when the pain had gone with the night

Faithful your are and if it’s possible you would bring us back to earth again

For you fruitfulness, may your blessings continue to flow like the rain

With love from the hearts, wishing you a happy mother’s day

Compliments From The Father

Without the father there is no possibility for us to be wishing you Happy Mother’s Day. Here is a link for our fathers. Encouraging fathers as they play their role in the process of life.


60 thoughts on “Wishing You Happy Mother’s Day”

  1. Well, the poet emerges…lovely!!! Seriously, the depiction is the best I have read in a long time perhaps ever. Wonderful tribute. Well done brother.

  2. Honestly I am stunned by this poem wonderfully coin by you every mother would enjoy your word’s of love and encouragement this should be on YouTube well said Maurice

    • Thank you sir. I am stunned I wasn’t expecting these comment It wasn’t planned I got up and decided to put another writing on hold and do the poem. This is very encouraging.


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