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Category: Poem

Faith 9

And It Is So!

God is active in the affairs of our lives. He has never failed in His plans concerning us. We have come to know that there is power in the name […]

Inspirational 0

He Who Is Righteous?

He who is righteous choose to do right He who desires to be righteous comes to the light In life struggles the righteous never give up the fight He who is not righteous prefers the night Christ was transfigured, oh what a righteous sight! The disciples saw Christ radiated in light so bright He who is righteous worship Jesus Christ […]

Faith 25

Glory To God

He makes all things bright and beautiful He makes all things so wonderful He gives dominion and authority for us to rule It’s heavenly certified, we never get it at school By his words, his power does speak This very hope sure strengthens the weak He chose three, on the mount, before them he transfigured Oh what a glorious sight, […]

Ethics 8

Where Is Wisdom?

Where is wisdom, and by who does it speak? What has knowledge done, does it uplift the weak? The time is here, what stability do you see? If you dare to catch it, then, from struggles you’ll be free It’s indispensable, and fits the corners of life The prudent values it, as it’s truth cuts like knife Holy fear is […]

Faith 11

Display Of True Love

True love has no hidden agenda True love is publicly displayed True love gives joy without expectations True love takes the suffering we deserves True love makes the way for a brighter future True love creates access to paradise even our open heaven True love multiplies blessing and eternal peace. From a heart of true love for us, Jesus gave […]

Faith 4

His Voice Makes The Difference

As our imagination runs, can we imagine? Can we imagine what goes on, inside The giver of life speaking within I wonder, we must have a happy body He is here to glorify Jesus Christ He speaks to you and me Looking back I remember He said “Time now” Very still, calm, gentle and yet powerful was He I didn’t […]

Faith 18

I Go To Prepare A Place

You have called me to share in your splendor Oh what a great wonder! Viewing the beauty of nature brings such a thrill Reading about heaven, oh, I am hungry to do your will For this purpose, the price you were willing to pay So I can smile with you on that great day There are many songs about eternity […]