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Category: Prayer

Faith 14

Pray Without Ceasing

What do you do when you are praying about a situation for long time and you are not seeing the result. No matter how spiritual we are this not a good feeling.What should we do in times like these? Do you think an unrealistic expectation could be the problem? This is one of the reason why it is important to […]

Faith 7

Prayer For Empowerment

Heavenly Father today as I am afford this privilege to be alive and to come in your presence through Christ shed blood I give you thanks. I acknowledge you love, mercies and grace and again I give you thanks. As I am seated in high places with Jesus Christ far above all principalities and powers, I recognize my position to […]

Faith 9

A Moment In Prayer

My prayer today: Oh Lord I acknowledge your love for us as humans. I thank you for your loving-kindness so that you have even multiplied your grace and mercies upon us. You have done the ultimate sacrifice that Jesus Christ your only son had died that we can live. As your salvation is now wrought in us, our soul reject […]