Celebrating Happy Mother’s Day

Mothers The Carrier Of Life

Mothers you are always playing an intergial role in the lives of humanity. God has granted you the strength to carry young lives within your body for nine long months. You passionately nuture and secure us as we enter this world and gave us a chance of life. You have been created, empowered and apointed to be the carrier of life. A vessel fashioned bring the fruit of life into this world. Celebrating happy mother’s day we want to thank God for your life and all you have done for us.

I recently had the privilege of watching a few videos that show some mothers giving birth. I would describe what I have watched as a very critical moment for both mother and child. It is a sacrifice that you have made to carry us in this world. The bible states in Ephesians 6: 1- 3 “Children, obey your parents in the Lord: for this is right. Honour thy father and mother; which is the first commandment with promise; That it may be well with thee, and thou mayest live long on the earth” You desire the best for us so we know that we must obey you in the Lord. We know that in honoring you our lives will certainly be extended with blessings.


Celebrating Mother’s Day

Decorating and celebrating Happy Mother's Day

Today is a day set aside all over the world where we see many celebrating happy mother’s day. We want to remind you mothers that you are appreciated everyday. Many mothers look forward to this day to give and receive an extra hugs, smiles and kisses. As we express how much we love you, we know that you will also reflect on the day you brought us into this world.

Challenges Of Life

A child may become wayward but deep down in his or her heart they appreciate your love. Challenges of life may have impacted the communication with many mothers and their children but I want to tell you mother you are loved. There are varying situations that have hindered some women from bearing children, but you are still lovely mothers. Many children have been comforted in your arms and when they look in your eyes they see love. You are indeed a mother in God’s purpose and plan.

Celebrating With The 2020 Mother’s Day Poem

With gratitude I wrote a poem to all mothers last year mother’s day. As you read this poem link I stand with many all over the world wishing you happy mother’s day. As you read I believe you will be blessed by the thoughts. This poem is a reflection on the process from conception to life and the journey of motherhood.

A Video To Mothers On Mother’s Day

Last year a very good friend of mine suggested that I create a video for mothers because of the poem that I wrote. I listened and obeyed and here is the link to the video: a poem for all mothers.

Mother you are never too busy to hear us. As your sons and daughters express their thoughts through poems, letters, phone call, videos and other medium we all stand to say happy mother’s day to all you mothers.


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  1. Your expressions are profound, they speak to all mother’s. I too join in saying, 😊😁 Mother’s Day to all mother’s.


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