The Joy Of Salvation

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The believer’s salvation is sustained by the joy of the Lord. The Bible tells us that the Joy of the Lord is our strength. The joy of salvation we received comes by the goodness and mercies of the Living God.

This joy can be expressed in many ways but very difficult to explain. Sometimes it comes with peace, laughter and smiles that are difficult to control. When we carry this joy it can also be radiated to others in our surroundings.


What Can Affect The Joy of One’s Salvation

Eyes with tears when joy is gone

When we are bombarded with multiple trials it can cause the joy of the Christian’s salvation turn to sorrow.

  • The joy can be affected when challenges distract the believer from God’s word.
  • When the believer fails to achieve his or her desired expectation it can cause frustration which can rob the believer’s joy
  • If he or she is not vigilant then the traps of the devil can cause sin which can lead to lost of joy
  • When constant prayers have been made and breakthroughs seems impossible.
  • Rejection by friends and love ones can affect our joy.

How To Maintain Our Joy

When temptation comes we have the choice to yield to that temptation or to reject it. No matter what the challenges we are expected to value our salvation and the joy it brings.

Below are some ways to maintain our joy.

  • We must try our best to remember that God is in control, this will help us to worry less
  • Be confident that God will show up in our situations
  • Confess the word of God that fits the conditions we are facing.
  • Study those who have gone through trials and maintained their joy.
  • Seek godly counsel especially from those who have passed through various trials.
  • Be accountable to a Christ sent leader
  • Keep the right company so spiritual vigilance can be maintained
  • When we are facing rejection it could be an indication that God is separating us for His purpose.


As Christians we are told to be wise as serpent and harmless as dove. We must be wise enough to know the devices of our enemy so we can escape his traps. Our battles are not with flesh and blood but it is a spiritual one. We can only win when we walk in the spirit. Walking in the spirit will enable us to maintain our joy.

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  1. Hmm. Your last point on rejection and its link to purpose hits the nail on the head. God indeed teaches us great lessons in all seasons of our lives, whether good or bad. It’s all for a greater good in Him. 🙌


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