Where Is Wisdom?

Where is wisdom, and by who does it speak?

What has knowledge done, does it uplift the weak?


The time is here, what stability do you see?

If you dare to catch it, then, from struggles you’ll be free

It’s indispensable, and fits the corners of life

The prudent values it, as it’s truth cuts like knife

Holy fear is clean and there it all begin

Challenge rises, life race you’ll win

Kings and princes appreciate your presence

Words taste like honey as conversation commence

The price of it’s value, they dear to respect and greet

While it’s from the divine, some you’ll get in the street

In times of need it brings forth revelation

It’s a gift some people get at salvation

Where is knowledge, understanding and wisdom hear them speak

Where is wisdom, and by who does it speak?

As we gain knowledge, it’s important to understand the things that we hear and see. As understanding comes let us meditate on the things we understand so we can be empowered with wisdom. Now let us apply wisdom seen it is the principal thing. Every area of life wisdom must be applied. God chooses to make wisdom a spiritual gift for us and gives us ways to develop it.


8 thoughts on “Where Is Wisdom?”

  1. True wisdom is from God and if we ask, He will grant it to us liberally. Thank God for this fact. So many people believe that they are wise due to their education or their status in life. But the wisdom of men is foolishness to God. What an awesome God we serve!

  2. Wisdom found in the word of God..learnt through life’s experience and imparted to those we encounter on a daily basis.
    Without wisdom we’d be easily led and swayed by the winds of time…


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