What Shapes Our Character

Two Little Boys Character Been Shaped At School

What Is Our Character

Our character is a description of who we are. It is what can be seen physically or revealed spiritually. Our character can be shaped by how we are influenced and the choices we make in life. Often times people are labeled by how they speak and how they dress. The manner in which we approach others and our outlook on life indicates who we are. Not all of these descriptions mentioned here are a definitive of one’s character. The question asked “What shapes our character” speaks more of what impacts the inner man. Whatever is inside of us generally comes out.

Natural Food Shapes The Physical

Our physical appearance can be a description of the kind of food we eat and how much we eat. Someone who eats food rich in omega 3 fatty acid they will show glowing skin and hair growth. Consuming more healthy food will enable us to live a longer healthier life. This also keep us tone as our metabolic rate can remain stable. Proper exercise is also necessary along with the good diet. We may even be described as a health conscious person. Being a health conscious person we can be characterized as a discipline person.


If someone eats a lot of fatty food then chances are they will carry a lot of weight. They can be characterized as gluttonous and indiscipline in terms of their health. Over-eating and improper diet may be directed impact of what shapes or influenced the inner man. As our character can be shaped by knowledge, understanding the value of proper dieting can influence the change needed.

Spiritual Food Shapes The Inner-Man

We are vessels that contain what we entertain. Life is spiritual and we consume spiritual food either good or bad. Whatever we feed our spirit with, we become. If we feed our spirit with the word of God and obey it, then it will become what shapes our character. Likewise if we dwell on things that excites the flesh then we will do the things that opposes the will of God. The Bible shows us that the fleshly desire and the holy things are oppositions, they wrestle against each other. Obeying fleshly lust will cause us to operate contrary to our Maker.

When we desire to grow spiritually, we will seek to be nourished by good teaching. Getting good teaching will help us to understand the word of God better. This also helps us to pray the right way for answered prayers. The way we seek to get healthy meal, it is the same way we should seek a Bible believing church to get good teaching.

Man Reading The Bible The Word Of God

The word of God will change our way of thinking by flushing out doubts and unbelief so we can walk in the spirit. God’s word will be manifested in our daily action and become what shapes our character. I have read from the website Liberty Road Foundation that have a post called “What shapes your character.” The last paragraph states “Watch your thoughts, they become words” I believe our thoughts are projected from what is fed to our spirit and it does become our words. These words can then become our actions which projects the character that can be either good or bad.

Our Environment And Its’s Impacts On Our Character

Our environment plays a major role in the shaping of our character. The environment is comprised of those who we see around us daily and the influence they have on our lives. Even the natural food we consume have a lot to do with our environment. We naturally to learning from each other on how to prepare our food. These food stuff that are dominant in our environment dictates what we consume the most. This also speaks to character patterns others perceive about certain food people consume that are dominant where they live . It is said that the Usain Bolt who hails from the countryside of Trelawny in Jamaica eat a lot of yams. Yams are ground produce that gives carbohydrates for energy. Usian’s speed is attributed to the yams produced in the parish of Trelawny.

Having Holy Fear Of God Will Shape Our Character

Woman Praying Having A Holy Fear Of God

If our environment is predominant with people who fears God, then those people lifestyle will create an impact. Their testimonies can effect positive changes in our lives. This will shape our character and our outlook on life. We will also learn to have a ‘holy fear’ of God as we see those people put God’s words into practice. These dominant practices will help to characterized the environment as a Christian community. This community can seen as a peaceful and God fearing community.

Communities Lacking The Fear Of God

Nightlife Offers Communities Lacking The Fear Of God

Any community that is dominated with nightlife entertainment will be influenced by what is been offered. The spirit that control these types of communities will drive the people to adhere to what they have to offer. These kinds of communities plays a major role on the behavior of it’s people. Lawlessness, promiscuous and selfish behaviors are prominent in these kinds of communities. Lives are cut short as people make wrong choices and their purposes are hindered. Negative stigmas are attach to these communities and many outsiders will avoid going there.

The Shaping Of Good Character Is Our Responsibility

Parent teaching Child the word of God to shape his character

It is our personal responsibility to shape our own character in a positive way. It is important to remember that those who are parents will become the first hand influence to their own child. Every young child young thinks their parents are always right. Our influence on our children cannot be authentic in the shaping of their life if we are teaching them to become what we are not. The Bible tells us ‘Train up the child in the way he should go and in the end he will not depart from it. First we have to place ourselves on the right path even for conscience sake. You can read one of my pass writing titled “making of a good leader” It speaks about the characteristics of a good leader. It speaks of their confidence and their integrity

Can the thoughts about what shapes our character inspires us?. Well, may we gain inspiration and our soul be renewed. May it becomes a pattern for greatness so others can experience victory.


18 thoughts on “What Shapes Our Character”

  1. I can appreciate your viewpoint. However, I also think nature/ what we were innately born with has an equal role to play in our character. After all, an apple seed doesn’t grow to become an orange just based on its environment. Of course, our innate propensities can be influenced by what we have to nurture our development or what we don’t have. There are some great souls who can overcome despite the environment they are put in. 50:50 for the nature vs nurture argument in my humble opinion.

  2. I take your point but whatever you’re born with if there’s no positive influence you will continue down the wrong partway of life don’t forget that John was filled with the Holy Spirit before birth so I believe all of us were born in sin but for positive influence we become a different person but I do take your point

    • That is true many things we are born with are inherited through DNA either good or bad. The fact that we are all born in sin it is easier for us to corrupt the good and also give heed to the bad we inherited. In any case we need the guidance of the Holy Spirit to make the good better and also to remove the bad. How can they hear without a preacher. The word of God which is quick and powerful has the ability to make holy influence on one’s life. The Holy Spirit is the teacher for the positive path of life. Once our parents are able to follow instruction from the Holy Spirit then they we be used by God to create greater impact in our lives

  3. It’s important to live a life pleasing to God if we all have a good family structure where we become good role model at home then our children have good example to follow hence when they venture into the world maybe going to university amongst other children they will not be swayed by the life of others because of the early influence of their parents beautiful article lots to learn from

    • You are so right Children live what they learn. At time parent may say they have teach their children a lot of moral value and they change but as I am thinking I ponder this question “How influential is the parents to the children? Did the child or children find what you are teaching interesting or important? Where they doing what you say just to please you and now they are grown they decide to differ from what was taught?
      I think impact and as you wrote influence are keywords here Mr. Alrick. Your thought, viewpoint and influence are welcome sir.

  4. Cannot agree with you more. There are many facets to our character, but ultimately we are responsible for shaping it. It is tricky when we are not aware of how things around us or our habits influence us, and developing awareness is key to keep moving in the right direction. Really thoughtful post, well done.

    • Thank you for your comment Markus + Micah.
      Yes sir we sure are responsible for shaping our character. At times when things are the norm and people are not in a position to see the difference and evaluate what is better they would automatically stick to what is o.k to them. Once they are able to develop awareness it can become a good chance to make positive choice and move in the right direction

  5. We can choose to live the Christ’s way. And yes our environment can influence us if we are not careful to mark our personal boundaries. It’s important to guard our hearts rightly!. Thanks for sharing, Maurice.


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