What Is Your Meditation

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As humans we are given the ability to meditate. Many people have chosen various methods of meditation. God has set His standard through scriptures on how to meditate, so what is your meditation?

Make God’s Word Our Meditation

From the beginning God with people by revealing Himself through various. methods of communication. After these interaction there must be thoughts about their experience. We are given the scriptures as our guide on our spiritual journey. In the Bible we are told to mediate on the word of God. David said in Psalm 104: 34 “My meditation of Him shall be sweet; I will be glad in the Lord”


Meditate On These Privileges

It is good when we set times to sit quietly and think about the goodness of Jesus Christ and what He had done for us on the cross. It is a privilege for us to be born This opportunity and promise are given to every human. The Bible tells us ‘not many wise are called not many noble’. No man can come to the Father except the Holy Spirit draw them. Don’t you see how privilege we are to be called to be apart of the kingdom of God? As born again believers we have royalty in our blood. It doesn’t come of corruptible seed but incorruptible by the shed blood of Jesus Christ, the Word of God.

We breathe in oxygen freely from the atmosphere God prepared. Even the plants exhale or give off oxygen as God ordained it. We don’t have to pay for it. As we exhale carbon dioxide, the plants receive it freely They have no thought concerning the value and the source of the precious commodity they need to survive. God in His infinite wisdom have set this cycle in motion. The supernatural God has fashioned nature in such perfection. Isn’t this something for us to rejoice about?

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Our Meditation Builds Or Faith

Our faith increases when we are able to meditate on the fact that we can believe the unseen We are even able to speak them into reality. We are no longer hopeless, we are living by faith. Why faith? Faith becomes the engine that pleases God. “Without faith it is impossible to believe God” We have experienced Him at work in our lives. We face trials but we will not carry them, we give the burdens to Jesus Christ. He told us “Cast your care upon me” He say it, we believe and operate in faith so that He can bring it to pass. When we can’t help ourselves we must make our meditation become sweet in the Lord. This will help our faith to increase and eliminate the worry we sometimes go through.

As we meditate on God’s goodness we can’t help but smile when we remember how easy God had solved a difficult problem that was standing before us. Our moments of meditation brings revelation of something new and brings memory to pass testimonies. Psalm 104: 34 “My meditation of him shall be sweet: I will be glad in the Lord” This will increase our joy so we can be happy in the Lord always.

Our Meditation Helps Us Grow And Understand God’s Ways

Our meditation also helps us to grow spiritually. David told us in Psalm 119: 99 “I have more understanding than all my teachers: for thy testimonies are my meditation” As we meditate on the testimonies of the Lord we gain wisdom. Psalm 19: 7b “The testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple” As we reminisce on the knowledge of these testimonies of Jesus Christ and what He is doing for us, our understanding shall expand and we will strive to excel in the wisdom of kingdom principles. When God spoke to Joshua in the book of Joshua 1: 8b “thou shall meditate therein day and night’ He was showing Joshua the importance of meditating on His words. May we always meditate and may our meditation be sweet in Jesus Christ.


10 thoughts on “What Is Your Meditation”

    • When we meditate on the things that we have experienced in God and knowing fully well it wasn’t our wisdom that brought us through but because of this unchanging love He has for us it brings joy to my soul.well said again sir

  1. Yes meditation is the tool that takes us in the spiritual realm, it refreshes and bring us in alignment with God .that is brothers for you words of wisdom

  2. True words. Meditation is a vital part of our Christian growth. We have focus thoroughly on God to survive in this world. Thanks for sharing. I have nominated you for the Kennedy Award of Excellence. Feel free to participate if you can. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


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