What Happened It Was Of The Lord

Light Bulb directing the way Of The Lord

Often times as humans we operate in a rigid state of mind. We know that it is very important for us to adhere to laws. Without these we will operate in error and create chaos. As we stay in line with rules and things happen many things are difficult to explain. Even applying the word of God to some situations there can be error. What happened, it was of the Lord. Only knowing what God is saying about that situation we can have the right results.

Job’s Experience

Job was the wealthiest man in the east. He feared God and sought to do all that which was right in the sight of God. He lost all he had and his body was attacked with sores which God permitted. God was boasting about Job’s life and the devil said that God had placed an edge around Job and he couldn’t touch him. God remove the hedge of protection and allowed Satan to afflict Job. The question that we would ask is why did God allow Satan to harm Job? Satan is only a pawn in God’s sovereign purposes. All that happened to Job, no one would have known the positive outcome that took place after.


Without knowledge of this scripture we would be judging Job, just like we do some situations.

Christ’s Experience

Jesus had performed many miracles and we have come to appreciate them. What he had done was enough to be loved, yet he suffered. Jesus’ suffering and death has lead many to ask, why should Jesus do so much good and yet this happened to him? Without the death burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ there would have been no hope for us. In this process, what happened, it was of the Lord. Jesus knew that it was the fullness of time for Him to be crucified and he never resisted. The prophecy of Jesus must be fulfilled and this could not be possible without the shedding of his blood.

Samson’s Experience

Samson was ordained and set apart by God to become a deliverer of Israel. Naturally as a Jew Samson should live according to the law. Samson’s mother was told by an angel that he would be a Nazarite from the womb. His mother had to walk circumspectly to carry out this ordinance. Samson had instructions he must live by after he was born. By law Jews should not marry someone outside their nation and Samson sought to do that. Samson fell in love with a Philistines woman but it was of the Lord this happened.

Joseph’s Experience

Joseph the son of Jacob was blessed to be a dreamer with the gift of interpretation. The dream he had was speaking clearly of his future. This caused his brothers to hate him and tried and get rid of him by selling him. Joseph ended up in Egypt to become a servant. This was where the fulfillment of his dream would begin. As he went through these processes God was with him.

Joseph held unto his integrity and God promoted him from servant to governor of the nation. Joseph’s brothers who rejected him came to Egypt not knowing he was the governor. Joseph was mature and did not seek to take revenge. He was able to forgive them and told them that God had sent him ahead to preserve life. We could see that Joseph remembered his dream and was able understand the purpose as it played out. Here we see that the eleven stars, the sun and the moon bowed to him. All the cruel acts of his brothers, what happened it, was of the Lord.

Discerning God’s Will

It is important for us to discern the will of God which is not always easy. The scripture in Judge 14: 4 “It was of the Lord” is an important verse for us as Christians to look into. We need to understand that some things may not seem to be in alignment with God’s word. With this in mind we must be aware of the importance of following the leading of the Holy Spirit. Even as the word of God is very important we must understand clearly what God is saying about a particular situation. Not knowing God’s will we will be trying to fix a situation when God is saying otherwise. Being sensitive to the way God wants to communicate with us concerning a situation is very important.

God does not move by how we feel. What is important is His will for our lives. His ways are pass finding out and obedience is the key to our victory. If we want to experience God we cannot resist the things God wants us to go through. My desire is to know God’s will for my life may you do the same.


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  1. Drawing closer to God whenever affliction comes and learning from the Holy Spirit is very important “ not my will but thine will be done “ lord give us patience throughout the process bless you Maurice thanks much

  2. Great post, Maurice. As you stated we have to know the purpose of God’s will in our lives and be obedient to Him. Our light affliction is just for a moment. I notice the I can access your blog directly from my reader notification. But I noticed that you have lost some of the likes. All the post that I already liked has been unliked. Anyway I will go back to like them. I will text you a message on Facebook.


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