What Do We Do To Be Loved

To be genuinely loved is to place our lives in Gods hand and experience His perfect love. We must then allow Him to shape our lives so He can remove the wrong people and place the right people so we can also express to others our love and receive love from others

To be love by someone we must be authentic, that is, be real to ourselves and to other. If we love ourselves it can be see in the way we love and treat others. It is important to love ourselves so we can see the reflection of real love from others.


Practice good hygiene of the word of God because the word of God is able to make us clean. The Bible says they that are clean are clean through the word. The Bible also said sanctify them through thy truth thy word oh Lord is true. A clean life will oppose the unclean and attract loving people and we will be better able to discern if the love we are getting is right for us. Through the cleansing by the word of God we will become better persons and be much easier to love and be loved.

Practice to compliment without flattery. The Bible say we must esteem others more highly than ourselves. When someone is not sure if your compliment is real it can hinders or delay love.

The good character traits that you would be looking for in someone try and see if it is in you. If those character traits are not in you determine to work on yourself and pray for changes in your own character.

Try not to tell lies because this breaks trust. The Bible say lie not one to another. Lying lips are an abomination unto the Lord. A lying spirit corrupts love, so speak the truth.

Be productive so you yourself can shine and the person or people can learn from your hard work. We would not want to become a burden to others. I would better to be able to compliment one another.

Practice good ethics or moral principles especially according to the word of God so than we can walk in honor thereby we will be easier for us to be admired and receive love. The Bible says let your light so shine before men so they may see your good works and glorify the father which is in heaven.

Be a motivator, always be ready to empower someone 1 Peter 3: 15 “But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear” This motivating attitude comes with good character like meekness and reverential fear or love towards God through obedience. This will impact the lives of others to love us as we encourage and empower them.

Be a giver, it is more bless to give than to receive. No one want to feel like they are being used. Quality over quantity, the quality contribution we give should be more appreciated than the quantity in most cases. These unselfish attributes will draw others to love us.

Reject fear. The Bible says perfect love cast out fear, there is no fear in love. May there be a return of real love among humanity because God has given us this priceless gift freely. Freely we receive love therefore we should freely give love.

Remember Christ is love


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