Writing About My Website Migration

I take this time to do a writing about my website migration. I have finally migrated my website Soul Renewed Inspirational from wordpress.com to wordpress.org and I will be using a self hosting company where I can have more control of the site. It took me some time and there are a lot of stuff to learn. The website address still remains as www.mauriceomalcolm.com I do hope to continue to meet with all my precious followers.


I am using the self hosting company called SiteGround. I took time out and have watched a lot of videos about the different self hosting companies and SiteGround stands out the most favorable for website dependability. I have read a lot of reviews about SiteGround from a lot of website holders and they have great customer service. I hope this hosting company become a blessing to me as some other people have experienced.


Learning Curve

I am still learning my way around the wordpress.org platform and the hosting platform. It’s a lot more technical but it can help to make us more tech savvy. I have started to learn about meta description and editing it. I hope to learn more about Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O) I have learnt how to place codes in various areas of the website. This Website Migration will build my mental muscle. I will publish a post as soon as possible.


Here is my referral link which you can use if you decide to migrate your website. There is also some benefits for referring someone to SiteGround. I also have an affiliate program with generous commission and weekly payouts, you can check out.


The wordpress dashboard carry more features than the one I am familiar with. This creates an excited moment for hands on creativity in the tech world. I love the chance learn as many options are available to make great things happen.


13 thoughts on “Writing About My Website Migration”

  1. That’s wonderful Maurice. I will investigate this migration. You’ve given us great information to encourage us. I wish you the best and hope to learn from too too! Kind regards, Karla

    • I was desirous of migrating the site from last year. There is so much to learn one you are ready for the challenges. As you have seen my post you would be aware of the hosting company I am using. You a lot of options with wordpress.org


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