Video: Who Shall Separate Us

In life we come to a crossroad where we have to make major decisions. The test is to see how well we can stand during adversity when facing opposing forces that are trying to separate us from God. As we face these trials let us put God first and allow Him to fight our battles and guide us into His perfect will.

We must let go and allow God have His way in our lives so we can see the beauty of His plans that He created concerning us before we can into existence. Remember His ways are pass finding out. God told Jeremiah in Jeremiah 33: 3 “Call unto me and I will answer thee and show thee great and mighty things which thou knowest not”


Here is a video which show that no matter what once we are doing our best to serve God not shall separate us from him.

This video is an excerpt from my older blog post with the same topic, Who Shall Separate Us. Please watch, enjoy and comment on this video.

Video Duration: 4:55


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  1. Yes as people of God we have allowed nang things to take center stage in our love than God , so thanks for word switch speak on tjis


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