Video: Some Impact Of COVID-19


I have done this video which was one of my blog post

Here is the video and link to the video below


Please enjoy and comment on the video

Thank you


8 thoughts on “Video: Some Impact Of COVID-19”

  1. In all of life’s experiences there are always positive outcomes no matter how devastating the present circumstances may be. Trusting God is one way of finding relief from the fear we feel therefore let’s remember things are not always or completely bad.

  2. Trud words..amen!!! Great video Maurice. Did you do this yourself? If so, your skills are developing using this media tech to present your message. Very nice…

  3. I like the video. It is very good.
    I want to nominate you for an Authors Recognition Award, will you participate? It is for bloggers who have publishe a book or currently writing a book.


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