This Is Why We Shouldn’t Worry

This is why we shouldn't worry

Worry is the anticipation of the consequence of a problem or threat. When we worry it is a clear indication of the instability in our thoughts. It is produced from the fear of the unknown results that flood our mind. Worry exhaust our energy and drain our faith. Many of the things we perceive may never cross the mind of those who oppose us. This is why we shouldn’t worry.

Worry Becomes A Weight On Our Soul

When the enemy uses someone to ignite problems in our lives this can cause worry to set-in. Worry brings burden or weight on our soul and sometimes become difficult to release. This is when we need the word of God and those who will encourage us. It’s important to remember that whatever is been fashioned against our lives has its limitations. It cannot go beyond what God allows and this why we shouldn’t worry. We are encouraged from scriptures to lay aside the weight. When we lay the weight of worry aside we will be able to have peace of mind.


David, a man after God’s own heart faced great trials. He was worrying about his safety because a king was seeking to kill him. When he came to himself, he asked the question,’Why art thou cast down oh my soul and why art thou disquieted within me, hope now in the Lord” Negative thoughts can delay the process of our victory. We must rise in hope and activate our faith in Christ. The lifting of our faith brings victory so like David when we are cast down we must arise

Opposition To The Will Of God For Our Lives

As children of God we are the apple of His eyes. His plans for us are perfect but we must seek to walk in obedience. When those around us opposes what God is doing in our lives they are endangering their own lives. The devil often work through people to frustrate us to cause us to worry or panic. The aim is to cause us to make wrong decisions Whatever is done or spoken against us have an expiration date. No matter how long the problem prolong once we stay in obedience, God’s word will come to pass.

Worry Frustrates The Focus Of Our Calling

We face continuous attacks because we are ordained to be used by God to make great impact in society. The attacks are set to frustrate us so as to divert the call of God. David was chosen and anointed to become king of Israel and trouble began. God was with him throughout the ordeal. As human David worried about his safety but he was wise to call upon the Lord. The Bible tells us about the fiery trial which is to try us. God often shapes us in the fire so what the enemy is doing works out for our benefits.The word of God for our lives shall come to pass. David had the chance to kill Saul.

Problems Brings Us Into Maturity

Saul was seeking to kill David but David was patient and did not commit himself. He would not touch the Lord’s anointed even though God’s presence had departed from Saul. David waited for the process of his calling to be completed and went to the throne with his integrity.

Saul was frustrating the purpose that God stated concerning David and he was expired in battle. David was gaining maturity by the experience of God’s protective and deliverance power in his life. This why we shouldn’t worry when the enemy is raging. The enemy’s intention is to frustrate our calling but God allows the problems so we can prove him. Even though David had faced this turmoil and could have gotten rid of Saul he was confident that God would deliver him. Adversity brings us closer to Christ. God wants us to glory in tribulation because in this we will see His power revealed in our lives.

Many times we are unfairly treated because of our obedience to Christ. Life’s trials are set up to box us in a corner to make us surrender. Like Peter who was taken from prison by an angel we too shall be supernaturally delivered from our enemies. God doesn’t want us to worry, He wants us to trust Him to work things out for our good.

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How Does Worry Affect Us

  • According an columnist, the hormones that flood the brain during any episode of stress have been linked to a damaging loss of brain mass and other unwanted physical consequences. 
  • Worry creates anxiety, take away our peace of mind and make us overthink
  • The columnist also said worry can also shorten your lifespan and negatively impact your life in general
  • It affects our health by increasing our stress level
  • Worry increases high blood pressure and also affects our body coordination.
  • Our sleep pattern is affected when we worry
  • Worry can cause us to believe and accept the wrong advice

How To Get Rid Of Worrying

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  • Continue to trust Jesus Christ and ask Him for guidance
  • Renew our minds daily with the word of God
  • Lift our faith, walk in the spirit (word of God) and think practically
  • Identify the problems and deal with them one by one
  • Communicate with the right people
  • Reject worrying
  • Maintain our peace
  • Do physical exercise which can increase confidence and also increase endorphins

4 thoughts on “This Is Why We Shouldn’t Worry”

    • Thank you so much for your response. It is only Jesus Christ can help us when worry sets in. We have to cast all our cares on Him. It is not easy from a human perspective to resist worry when we are facing problems but God can give us peace.

  1. What a timely post! It seems like lately all I’ve been doing is worrying. But it’s not doing me any good. I love your tips on how to not worry. I’ll be keeping these in mind the next time I start to worry about anything.

    • Worry is something we all go through from time to time and we have to encourage each other. I was recently encouraged by a very good friend of mine who was able to identify the worry in my voice. The word of God is the greatest shield we have to stand against worry. Thanks of commenting on my posting.


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