The Steps Of This Successful Journey

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I have heard numerous times the saying that “the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”. I am sure you must have heard it from time to time too. We may imagine that the steps of this successful journey are never the same. Some days of the journey may be more struggling than others. There are certain keys we must put into practice to become successful. First we must desire to experience the good. Secondly we need to listen to the right directives. Thirdly we need to take the bold step, erase doubt and go forward.

I desire myself and you, all the success possible. We shall look on the impact of the steps of this successful journey. Making this movement one step at a time is never easy. We can imagine the many things that unfold during the steps of this successful journey. We will realize many truths and myths. Brilliant ideas will cross our minds too. There will be many trial and errors. We will crush many papers and save a few.


At the end of every successful journey we should become more mature. This is so because we would have gained valuable knowledge to appropriate wisdom to become a blessing.

Whether it is a business plan or a spiritual quest, the steps of this successful journey we will faced trials. There will be times when we will feel like giving up as nothing seems to make sense. All that is standing before us are walls of negatives. When Moses was leading the Israelites out of Egypt they came to a crossroad which was the Red Sea. At that place every negative thoughts began to rise in their mind. There was the sea before them, mountains on both sides and the enemy swiftly pursuing from behind. We can also speak of the crossroad we face in the steps of our successful journey

A Must For This Successful Journey

  • Relate with those who have gone through a journey before
  • Read valuable materials that will help you garner success
  • Look at the long term goals
  • Eliminate the negatives
  • Understand the competitive nature of what you are seeking to achieve and it’s benefits
  • Do an Evaluation to identify the important ideas.
  • We must use our time wisely to benefit us in the steps of this successful journey

What Should Happen When Success Comes

  • We should be able to make decisions that impact others
  • Our established position of mastery should be beneficial to ourselves and others
  • We will be refereed to in a positive manner because of the steps we have taken for the successful journey
  • We will appreciate those who stand to encourage us on this journey

How Can Others Benefit From Our Success

  • We can teach others
  • We can publish books
  • Accept invitations to speak in forums that are associated with the task we have accomplished
  • Avail ourselves to help mold young lives in our community


Completing the steps of this successful journey we have established a name that others will seek to benefit from. Now our testimonies are able to empower others as they too have a journey to complete. Let us diligently seek to be a blessing with all meekness to those around us.


6 thoughts on “The Steps Of This Successful Journey”

  1. Great post Maurice. I think each person has his own definition of success. When a toddler begins to walk, that’s a great success at that age. My point is that, as we progress in life, our definitions of success changes. So, we must learn to cherish small successes. Thanks 😊

  2. Apt!!.
    I love how you shared it in segments too. I believe we gain a lot more when we glean from the wisdom of those that have gone ahead of us. And yes we have received and gained, we ought to also give back. Give and it will come back as the Bible states. We are more relevant that way.
    Thank you for sharing bro. 🤗

    • Yes Herry and it is more bless to give than to receive. As we give back we receive blessings in many ways. Thanks for reading this post Herry.

  3. Every journey has it’s challenges but learning through the process is very important to turn the negative into positive as a child of God the way we see things should always be different from how the world view the journey Maurice its brilliant the way you have structured your points much blessings


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