The Impact of Child Abuse

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The issue of child abuse has become more prevalent these days. Many nations are increasingly implementing measures to counter the impact of child abuse. It is imperative that the future generation is protected so we can have a better world. Some children face neglect while some are abused physically, emotionally and sexually.

Today we often see on the news or read about missing children. There are some people, who, without conscience of human dignity, will take children and sell them like an item. Many times some of these children are never found. Many die cruel death, while some are sold into prostitution. Children are sometimes captured and isolated from public for .the purpose of child pornography. The trauma that children undergo in these kinds of situations is difficult to imagine. Every human has their God given purpose to fulfill. Robbing a child’s destiny and innocence has become a quick money making method for those who are involved.  Below we will read about some forms of child abuse.


Verbal Abuse of Children

Sad Child experience verbal abuse

It is important that children are disciplined, as doing so will help them understand rules and regulation. When a child is to be disciplined, it is important that the parent or caregiver does not allow their frustration to get in the way. A child should be disciplined for acts they committed and not what is happening in the parents or caregiver’s life. The words of parents and caregivers can leave scars on children that negatively impact their destiny.

Parents or caregivers are humans too and certainly can have a bad day. If children have done something wrong and the parent or caregiver is upset it is best for the parents or caregiver to allow some time before disciplining their children. This helps the parent or caregiver to not let their own problem spill over in the disciplining of the children.

 Crisis situations in the family can affect the children when the situation is used to curse the children.  Many mothers verbally abuse their children by using the negative of the children’s father to compare and curse them. These problems often result from broken marriages, loss of jobs or financial difficulties. Verbal abuse diminishes the self esteem and confidence of children and increases fear, negative thinking, and stress. This also causes children to lack proper communication skills.

Physical Abuse of Children

 When discipline is done in anger and physical assault becomes a constant practice, this will lead to injury of children. Some indicators of physical abuse are burns and cuts on the body of children where their hands would be difficult to reach. Many times marks are significantly visible for more than a day. There is also a difference when there is a scar that results during discipline and scars that are purposefully done. Our skin is an organ that responds to impact so a scar that takes a long while to disappear can be a sign of physical abuse.

Emotional Child Abuse

Child experience emotional abuse

Children can be abused emotionally when an environment is created where little or no love is shown to children. He or she will be emotionally scared, confused and not sure if what they do will cause an offense. Children thrive on praises that make them feel loved and accepted. They can be emotionally damaged when they are told that they are a mistake. This can cause a negative psychosocial effect upon children as they will be withdrawn and compare themselves as they like they are less than others.

Emotionally abused children often act out on others by displaying what they have been told by their parents or caregivers. They will find it hard to learn or concentrate. The impact of the emotionally damaged children is fearful even when they are doing good things.

Neglected Child

Child being neglected

Neglect is another form of the impact of child abuse. It is often recognized physically in the child’s attire, but it can be picked up by the child’s conversation. When it is noticeable that what child is wearing they had it on for more than a day is an indication of neglect. When the attire is not the correct fit and the child is often dressed that way, then this is also an indication of child neglect. 

The child being neglected will experience certain utterance. These utterances can be said by the child around his or her peers. If teachers or other caregivers are keen in listening, they will be able to evaluate the conversation of the child.

Children playing in unsafe areas without supervision and at a time when they should be in their house are cause for concern. If the child constantly carries a strong odor, hair looks raggedy and skin looks dirty. The child that often looks sick or has a lot of wounds like insect bites that are not treated well could be signs of child neglect.

Impact of Sexual Abuse in Children

There are those in society the prey upon the innocence of children. When those who should be very protective of the child are the ones destroying the trust and safety of the child it becomes a bitter pill for that child to swallow.

Children become damaged while some adults exploit the children for their own self gratification. Children are sold in prostitution for child sex where adult create financial income. Sometimes these create various reactions that affect the future development of these children. These lifelong scars cause some children to grow up and continue the practice while some seek revenge.

The purity of sex is destroyed and sex in the future would be seen as punishment. The warning signs of the sexually abused children can be identified when children try to avoid people who look like the person who hurt them. They may have trouble sitting or walking properly. They might not perform as well as before in school and sometimes express in drawing what had happened to them.

Some children display the sexual acts to their peers. They may even demand sex in an aggressive manner from their peers. Some children will break their silence when they believe they can confide in someone.


Children at play

Let us seek to value lives and remember all of us are accountable to each other. Doing our part in dealing with the impact of child abuse is important. Child abuse is the destruction of life and destiny. Let us seek to deliver our children from the negative impact of child abuse. Wrapped up in our children are inventions untapped, ideas not yet revealed, the songs that will turn many hearts to righteousness and spiritual gifts that will bring glory to the Lord God most high.

Let the children play, let their laughter be heard and their questions be asked. In their hands are the keys to unlock the prosperity of tomorrow. It is in our power to crush this demon so our children can survive in love.


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    • Hey Herry I am here. I am doing ok.
      Thanks for reading this post Herry. the lives of our children are valuable and we must do our best to preserve them. Certainly society have a lot to learn and a far way to go in this development. May the blessings of the Lord be with you.

  1. Wow you have said a lot .a broken home mostly breed a broken person who has a challenge trusting anyone and later on affect their relationship children are a gift from God they should be nourished and cared for by all of us their innocence should be protected they are so beautiful and adorable very good article Maurice much blessings

    • This comment says a lot. It is also a beautiful thing when children can recognize that they are loved and cared for. A broken home is not a good thing it creates a negative foundation and cause a lot of issues on the developmen of children. Thank you for your comments sir the blessings and strength of the Lord Jesus Christ be upon you.


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