Hope Today For Tomorrow

We now come out of the month of March and step into a new month. As we come upon this first day of this new month of April may we come into a bit of silence and look back at the challenges we have faced and had seen throughout the world. The world have never experienced these depth of challenge we are seeing now. The plague of this virus have spread across the whole world and destroying lives and businesses. God is still in the midst of His people and we are still hopeful.

According to the time and date calendar April is commonly associated with the season of spring in the Northern Hemisphere and fall (autumn) in the Southern hemisphere. May our spiritual lives spring up with the joy of the Lord.


The nation of Israel are a people of covenant. Even though they went into bondage they would come out at a set time according to God’s mandate. We can see from scripture that the enemy will always try to challenge the plans of God through people. Pharaoh didn’t want to release the people so he had to face the wrath of God. After leaving Egypt they had faced many challenges throughout their journey. They faced the danger of their pursuing enemies the Egyptians. When they were at their whits end God did a miracle for them by opening the Red Sea and destroyed all their enemies. They had to take on other enemies on their way to the promise land. The land was even occupied by enemies and they had to fight to possess the land.

Some have gone into idolatry when they build the golden calf this even bring forth death. Some have murmured against Moses when things seems difficult. Some have even tried to usurped Moses authority and received the disease of leprosy. Some even died in that challenge when the earth opened and swallowed them.

Sound of Hope: As we continue on our Christian journey, may our hopes be kept alive in these trying times. May we be able to discern the working of the enemies we have to face. May the will of God for our breakthroughs come even when the devil is putting up a fight. May our stubborn enemies who don’t want to let us go face the wrath of God. May we follow divine instructions so we go into error. May we always check our hearts and never allow idolatry so there will be no room for the golden calf. May our challenges help us to build our spiritual muscles and make us mature to build future generations in righteousness. We must remember that after a battle is over and we have received victory it is about time to deal with another enemy. May this month of April bring healing to families, nations as the world battles the coronavirus. May the Church of the Living God rise to her full potential and bring revival to a world crippled with panic, woes robbery and insecurities. May the trust of the Lord Jesus comes to the heart of the people so souls came be save and ready for heaven.


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