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Tag: Word of God

Inspirational 9

Effectiveness Of The Word Of God

When we got born again in Christ we drank of the sincere milk of the word of God. It is just like babies that need milk for their development. As they grow they are then introduced to hard food but they get it crushed. As they continue in their development they then start to get hard food. The Christian’s life […]

Faith 10

Say No To Doubt

As humans we are imperfect beings, but when we give our word or promise we expect the person we are telling to trust what we are saying and do not doubt us. It is a possibility for the word or promise we give that person to not come to pass. The Almighty God who gave Jesus Christ His only begotten […]

Faith 18

Our Response To The Great Commission

When one experience the new birth they come into a system of faith. This faith is believing the unseen, the unknown and the untouchable from a spiritual perspective. By faith we believe, we know and are able to touch him through our prayers were divinity meets humanity. The Bible tells us in Hebrews 11: 6 “But without faith it is […]

Faith 5

Not Having Mine Own Righteousness

What is righteousness? The Bible tells us that righteousness is what exalteth a nation. Righteousness is the practicing of God’s words. Righteousness is what bring a man out of obscurity and place him on the mountain top, An example is Joseph who was sold by his brothers into slavery. Joseph was then later lied on by his master’s wife because […]