Christian Growth In A Superficial World

Christian growth in a superficial world is possible. Jesus Christ had lived a n exemplary life for us to follow. He was tempted and he overcame trials and grant us the power over devils. If this wasn’t possible Jesus would not have prayed to the father to keep the disciples in the world. It is … Read more Christian Growth In A Superficial World

What Is Your Meditation

As humans we are given the ability to meditate. Many people have chosen various methods of meditation. God has set His standard through scriptures on how to meditate, so what is your meditation? Make God’s Word Our Meditation From the beginning God with people by revealing Himself through various. methods of communication. After these interaction … Read more What Is Your Meditation

Mountain And Valley Battles

Wherever I am I will seek you oh Lord When the test of time comes whether on the mountain or in the valley You are there with me as my battle-axe On the mountain top or in the valley there will still be victory The battles of the mountains are different from the battles in … Read more Mountain And Valley Battles


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