Speak Life To Our Purpose

Each of us are place on earth with a purpose. We were born into a family that God allow to be apart of. It may not the best of our liking but we are uniquely place there. It is the responsibility of our parents to teach and guide us in the path of righteousness so … Read more

Preserved For Purpose

When something is of value, people would normally try their best to preserve that thing. This is so because of purpose or the value of that thing might increase after a while. While we were in trespasses and sin God preserved us. When we become saved our value increases because Christ blood have washed us … Read more

Achieving Your Purpose

Nothing in this life can create an impact or brings success without a purpose. All the works of the Almighty God are for a purpose. Therefore it very important to seek to learn methods that can help you in achieving your purpose. We all come into this world for a purpose and our purposes are … Read more