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Tag: Jesus Christ

Faith 5

Arise To Fulfill Purpose

God has invested so much is us. There are gifts and talents yet to be unlock to bring glory to His holy name, joy to our lives and others. As we journey through the stages of life and come to know Jesus Christ in a personal way then we begin to realize how much God had done to protect us […]

Faith 4

His Voice Makes The Difference

As our imagination runs, can we imagine? Can we imagine what goes on, inside The giver of life speaking within I wonder, we must have a happy body He is here to glorify Jesus Christ He speaks to you and me Looking back I remember He said “Time now” Very still, calm, gentle and yet powerful was He I didn’t […]

Inspirational 2

The Light Of Life

To The True Light Jesus Christ Everyday affords me the privilege to embark up the wealth of your word. Your words glow deep in my heart like the sunshine to erase the dark places. Your words sparkles like the crystals, making my thought bright and meaningful. Your words are the ray of light that beans through the dark and lights […]

Inspirational 9

Know Christ Worship Him

From ancient time you are who you are. Today you remain uncontested. Tomorrow, until eternity you are still the same Your throne is unshakable, your crown is unmovable Mt Sinai, felt your power as fire kindleth You have been distinguished as the most holy, most righteous God Thou great ancient of days I worship you. The blood of thy only […]

Faith 0

The Anointing Does Not Eliminate Struggles

What makes life interesting is that everyone of us have a unique testimony, a unique story or a unique encounter. We refer back to the Bible. Moses came in contact with God by the burning bush, Jacob wrestled with an angel until day-break, Saul was struck to the ground by a bright light from heaven and was spoken to by […]