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Tag: Inspirational

Inspirational 10

Now I Am A Living Testimony

Now I am a living testimony

Faith 4

His Voice Makes The Difference

As our imagination runs, can we imagine? Can we imagine what goes on, inside The giver of life speaking within I wonder, we must have a happy body He is here to glorify Jesus Christ He speaks to you and me Looking back I remember He said “Time now” Very still, calm, gentle and yet powerful was He I didn’t […]

Faith 18

I Go To Prepare A Place

You have called me to share in your splendor Oh what a great wonder! Viewing the beauty of nature brings such a thrill Reading about heaven, oh, I am hungry to do your will For this purpose, the price you were willing to pay So I can smile with you on that great day There are many songs about eternity […]

Faith 5

Reject Curses And Receive The Blessings

Have you ever find yourself facing difficult situations on a constant basis. You have tried your best to do good and no matter how precise you try to be there is a lack of success. Some people no matter how they try to be careful they always find themselves in trouble. Adding to these problems that they face, there are […]