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Tag: Faith

Faith 0

Making Progress Pt. 3 (Confidence)

We are privilege to experience another day and we give thanks to the Living God who is our keeper. Today we rise in confidence as we make progress because we know who we believe and we are persuaded. This persuasion come not by hearing about God but we have experience Him for ourselves. In the Bible Abraham moved in confidence […]

Faith 2

How to Overcome Fear

What is fear? Fear is an opposing factor to faith. Fear is a spirit directed by the devil to push us out of the course of victory. Fear exist when there is lack of perfect love. Perfect love expresses trust. The Bible says in 1 John 4: 18 “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: […]

Faith 5

Who Shall Separate Us?

Life is a journey and the decisions we make tells of the path we desire to go. At times we struggle with some decisions because we want to make the right choice. The struggles can come from the desires of the flesh or the unsure end that is been projected in our thoughts. The intent of the enemy in these […]

Faith 25

Glory To God

He makes all things bright and beautiful He makes all things so wonderful He gives dominion and authority for us to rule It’s heavenly certified, we never get it at school By his words, his power does speak This very hope sure strengthens the weak He chose three, on the mount, before them he transfigured Oh what a glorious sight, […]

Faith 3

The Voice Of The Lord

In the world today are information going about with ease of access. Electronic media has become enhanced by the development of social media. No matter where we are in this world it’s easy to know what is going on in another part of the world. The knowledge of many cultures are easily understood as many people are able to express […]

Faith 10

Say No To Doubt

As humans we are imperfect beings, but when we give our word or promise we expect the person we are telling to trust what we are saying and do not doubt us. It is a possibility for the word or promise we give that person to not come to pass. The Almighty God who gave Jesus Christ His only begotten […]

Faith 11

I Am The True Vine

A vine is what bring the nutrients that the branches of the plant needs for survival, growth and production of fruit and flowers. Jesus used this analogy to make it clear to us that we have need of him to survive. Once we are cut off death begins. Sin is what separate man from the Living God which will cause […]

Faith 0

The Anointing Does Not Eliminate Struggles

What makes life interesting is that everyone of us have a unique testimony, a unique story or a unique encounter. We refer back to the Bible. Moses came in contact with God by the burning bush, Jacob wrestled with an angel until day-break, Saul was struck to the ground by a bright light from heaven and was spoken to by […]

Faith 7

Achieving Your Purpose

Scripture of Thought: Romans 8: 14-17, 28-30 All of us who come into this world are here for a purpose and our purposes are different. Before we come out of the womb so many plans were made for us. Our parents formulate their plans to make everything successful. As parents create their plans God himself also has a plan which […]

Inspirational 4

Bible Principles of Prosperity

Everyone desires a life free from burdens and struggles. We would work hard develop savings and wise investment plans to reach our expected goals. From ancient times until now there are those who traverse the earth seeking for lost treasures. Often times these are shown in movies and documentaries. The earth is filled with lots of precious things that one […]

Faith 3


When something or someone loses their sense of purpose we could classify them as dead or almost dead. A vehicle that is parked for a long time because it might need parts may become worst as weathering would have taken effect and other parts might become rust. Likewise someone who is gifted or gain knowledge through training might start forgetting […]