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Tag: Covenant

Faith 6

The Blessings of Abraham

Abraham was born in idolatry but God had a plan for his life. He was hand picked by God for a special purpose. There are so many conditions we are born into when we come into this world that limits our destiny. Idolatry was enough to limit Abraham from stepping into the greatness God called him into. It was the […]

Faith 7

Reviving The Foundation

The Bible says if the foundation be destroyed what can the righteous do?When we look at the foundation of the Church of the Living God we know it was built by someone who was living a life of total obedience to the heavenly Father. The Bible says in Philippians 2: 8 that Jesus Christ “was obedient unto death even the […]

Faith 0

The Anointing Does Not Eliminate Struggles

What makes life interesting is that everyone of us have a unique testimony, a unique story or a unique encounter. We refer back to the Bible. Moses came in contact with God by the burning bush, Jacob wrestled with an angel until day-break, Saul was struck to the ground by a bright light from heaven and was spoken to by […]