Stand Up For Jesus Christ

Who had believe our report and to whom does the arm of the Lord have reveal. The word of God is such a precious treasure that humanity really need to value. Many have been rejecting the word of God while some are in countries where preaching is forbidden and they are risking their lives to hear the gospel because they have come to experience Jesus Christ love for themselves.

The Bible have us to know that there will be a famine coming upon the earth. We have seen so many prophecies already fulfilled and many are taking place as I am putting this writing together. Many have rejected the gospel but there will be a famine, a famine that is not for the lack of water or food but a lack of the word of God. God is sovereign in all His doing and He is not subject to any man. He has power over good and evil and He gives us the ability to make choices. I believe that in that time there will be those who had reject the word of God and start to see the need won’t be able to hear from God or a word through God’s servants. Many who seek to consult evil powers for answers and will find that those who they would go to are also hungry for answers as well. Those who practice these crafts by consult the stars or other ungodly practices will not receive the answers they want because within them also there is a need to hear from God. God will shut down everything because the good and evil are subject to Him. Such famine will make mankind know who the sovereign God is.


I have read a blog post that Steven Patterson from Courageous Christian Father wrote on the topic “How Christian Blogging Can Get You Blacklisted” It is sad to know that these things are happening. The capability to express the love of Jesus Christ through writing on your own website can be blocked by internet providers start to become a very serious issue. We know that Jesus said marvel not that the world hate you, therefore we should not really be surprised by these events. The Christian’s life is one of trials, the way may seems hard and indeed it is but it is the good and right way.

It is our duty to walk in the spirit and do as Jesus Christ would do. When He said ‘forgive them Lord for they know not what they do’ we have to practice the same. Ignorance is wickedness and a great destroyer to humanity. I have a friend who said ‘sin does not have any conscience” and it is so true. Sin mess up the heart of people to cause them to reject what is very important to society and they don’t care who is affected. When the word of God is rejected what replaces it is word of unrighteousness. Today many call evil good and good evil. I have another friend who would always say people always seek to destroy what they don’t understand” and we see how people trample upon truth daily because it doesn’t appease the flesh. The Bible say don’t cast your pearl to the swine which goes to say that word of God is such a precious treasure that we must be careful to whom we present it. If there is resistance don’t force it. We can even dust the very dust off our feet as a testimony against that who oppose the word. We must know that not everyone will accept. Let us thank God for those who seek to know Christ.

We must continue to pray for those who oppose the word of God with the hope that they will experience Jesus Christ. We must keep hope alive amidst all the conflict. We must endure the hardships so we can rejoice in victory. May the passion for soul winning be increased. May the yokes of those who hear our testimonies be broken so they can know for sure that Jesus love is real. Having done all to stand for the gospel of Jesus Christ, then we shall wear a priceless crown.


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