Resurrection Power

I was asked these two questions yesterday by a good friend of mine. Was Jesus Christ the only resurrected person apart from Lazarus? Was it after His death and the earthquake some of the dead came forth?

I had responded to him. Today I putting forth these two questions to you my bloggers and followers. Let’s share in a discussion on these two questions


EXPECTED INPUT: 1.Tell as much or estimate as much as possible how many people were resurrected or indicate from scripture where these are mentioned.

2. Discuss what you think were the reasons why people came alive after the earthquake when Jesus died.

3. Answers can be from the Old and New Testament Scriptures

Let’s have fun in the word as divine grace continues to be established on our lives.


7 thoughts on “Resurrection Power”

  1. I think when Jesus gave up the ghost, at that point he became the conqueror of death and the promise fulfilled that death no longer had the victory over the saints. Those saints that arose was a simple byproduct of the “power” of that promise realised. Death could no longer contain the believers and they arose to be in heaven with the Lord. The earthquake must have been as Jesus ventured into the depths of hell to defeat the deceiver.
    I will follow this conversation.

    • I love this response, the saint that arose are byproducts of the power. No matter what state Jesus is in or where he is He is still all powerful, In heaven He is all powerful, While teaching He is all powerful, signs follow His word. Being whipped He is still all powerful, he used the power of His love for our salvation to endure the beatings. The Bible says for the joy that was set before him he despised the shame and endure the cross. This joy is the joy that we can be redeemed. In the grave He conquer death. He rose with all power. “All power is given to me in heaven and in earth”
      Yes I believe the earthquake was at that time. Because he went to the depth life was given to those saints because He is life.

  2. Hi Maurice. I have never really thought about that scripture before. The account of it is in Matthew 27:51-53.

    When I read the passage I realized that the graves of the saints were opened due to the earthquake, but the saints arose and left the graves after Christ’s resurrection.

    I googled this and found a website (Catholic Standard) that gives a commentary on it.
    However, my personal understanding of this passage is that since it was linked with the veil that was rent in two it is more symbolic.

    The veil represents our separation from God which had been removed. The saints that died before Christ’s death were not under the blood covering of Christ. The fact that they rose with Christ means that they had the opportunity for their sins to be completely removed by the death and resurrectuon of Jesus Christ and is able to appear before the Father in the Holy City of heaven.

    Note, Jesus asid the He is the way, truth and life and no one comes to the Father but by Him. The key here is the Father. The website gave several other interpretations of this scripture, but this is my personal understanding of it.

    The website mentioned that the passage in Matthew is a fulfillment of the prophecy in Ezekiel 37:12-13.


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