Preserved For Purpose

An Original Work/ Maurice Malcolm/ Nov 19, 2019

When something is of value, people would normally try their best to preserve that thing. This is so because of purpose or the value of that thing might increase after a while. While we were in trespasses and sin God preserved us. When we become saved our value increases because Christ blood have washed us clean. We now become new creation and our value has increase.

Have you ever think about the many things you have been through in life and you are still standing? Everyone of us as Christians have our various testimonies, some of us have faced the Red Sea where it seems like there was no solution, some have passed through the wilderness and desert like troubles. Many times our souls were cast down but somehow either a word, a song, a stretch-forth hand to help us cross life’s troubled river. Like David as he went through his troubled times, he asked this question in Psalm 42: 5 “Why art thou cast down oh my soul? and why art thou disquieted in me?” David then continued by encouraging himself by saying “hope thou in God for I shall yet praise him for the help of his countenance” God is our keeper and preserver. God will fulfill His word in our lives if we stay faithful to Him. In Psalm 16: 1 “Preserve me, O God: for in thee do I put my trust”. No matter what the enemy of our soul tries God will honor His divine agenda concerning us. David hoped in God and praised Him because David knew just like Paul and Silas who were thrown in prison, they can worship their way out of trouble. When Peter was cast in prison prayer went up for him to preserve and deliver him.


David from a small boy had to be running from a King who wanted to kill him. As God raised David to prominence to become a king in the stead of his enemy king Saul, trouble later sets in and he had to be now running from his own son who wanted to kill him to get the throne. To preserve David God also set the heart of Jonathan to be kind to David.

God also positioned Paul’s nephew to hear the plot to kill Paul As we pass through trials we also see that what has killed many by the preservation power we were able to overcome because we are preserved for a purpose.

We have been preserved from the unknown, the seen and the unseen to be a channel of blessing to this generation and the generations to come. To fortify the preserving power and presence of God on our lives we must give up our will totally and determine to walk in the divine will of God. We must become radical in standing up for holiness so it may please the master whose eyes run through and fort the whole earth beholding the good and the evil that is done. After the devil tempted Jesus the Bible say angels came and minister to him. Our angels who are assigned to help preserve us will work for us when we do our all to please Jesus Christ.

To preserve us, God at times allows us to lose friends, bring us through troubled situations to help us to focus on him so we don’t fall off track in our Christian walk. No matter what we are going through and the task before us, because we are being preserved for purpose let us rejoice and give thanks to our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.


5 thoughts on “Preserved For Purpose”

  1. David’s life is such an encouragement. He experienced extremes in life, walked in integrity, trusting God, as well as the dark aspects of life. Through it all he repented, praised, lamented, worshiped, and was lost in sorrow. God still called him a man after His own heart. Nothing is too difficult for God. And His great love, along with His guidance, compels us to walk upright before Him. Blessings!

    • When we are marked for greatness. It create trouble. Remember when Moses the upcoming deliverer for Israel was about to be born Pharaoh decided to kill the male children that was to be born at that time. Jesus went He was about to be born Herod decided to kill the male child. When Israel a Judge because God had rejected Eli the high priest and there was no word from God. Barrenness was holding back the Judge that would replace Eli. Hanna prayed and made a promise to God. If God give her a man child she would give him back to God.
      Even though the enemy was raging these men were preserved for purpose that God had planned for them to walk in.


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