Prayer For Empowerment

Heavenly Father today as I am afford this privilege to be alive and to come in your presence through Christ shed blood I give you thanks. I acknowledge you love, mercies and grace and again I give you thanks.

As I am seated in high places with Jesus Christ far above all principalities and powers, I recognize my position to rule in dominion. Therefore I walk in thy peace, wisdom and signs and wonders.


Today I worship you for all your goodness and I command my prayers to be magnified with fire to cut through the heavens and come to thy throne room with an aroma of sweet smell. May the fragrance of my prayer brings joy in heaven. May it ignite worship to the Lamb of God in heaven and on earth.

There are cloud of witnesses watching earths movement pertaining to righteousness. Therefore I pray for myself and all children of God around the world that we lay aside the weight and sins that doth easily beset us. I pray that we draw nearer to Jesus Christ for spiritual nourishment. I pray that we develop an unwavering faith so that we walk in higher dimension in the things of God.

Miracles are need because there are limitations therefore by faith we will rise and walk in the dimensions Abraham walked so we can live in the blessings above sickness, disease and lack.

I present the governments to you and I ask that the reverential fear of the Lord overtake them that they would desire you so that they can lead the nations by righteousness. Your word says righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach unto any people and so we desire change.. I pray for a divine wave of the move of God so we can experience mass revival so righteousness can run down like a mighty stream.

We know these are the last days Lord but oh how we need you now. Empower us now oh Lord. We are your hands and feet extended so I am asking that as you reside in us, visit the homes, churches, governments, schools, prisons, the fishers on the high seas, those on the cruise ship, the airplane, airport, the games at the stadium, those in the night club, hospital, infirmaries, farmers and all those in business so countless lives will come to Jesus Christ before it is too late.

I thank you for those who are already trailblazers preaching and teaching the word of God. I ask that you strengthen them, protect them and continue to manifest your power through them. All the saints in countries where the gospel is despised and their lives are at threat I ask for your protection of these people. Multiply your signs and wonders among them and build their confidence and cause those who are opposing the gospel to recognize that you are the True and Living God working among your people.

By the power in the blood of Jesus Christ I decree blessing, deliverance, breakthroughs, wealth transfer, spiritual growth, peace and joy in all our lives today. Thank you for hearing and answering this prayer in Jesus name.


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