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World Mental Health Day 2020 observed with green ribbon

World Mental Health Day is observed on the 10th of October each year. This first began in 1992 and will always herald the need for mental health support. On this day we seek to show our solidarity to love one’s among us who have been impacted by mental disorder. Every soul is important in the eyes of God and we must garner support.

Those who suffer from mental illness needs our care and understanding. In this age of social media information shared can increase awareness so we all can become more adept. World Federation for Mental Health had set the theme for 2020 World Mental Health Day. The theme is “Mental Health for All Greater Investment – Greater Access


Increase Support By Investment

Money to invest in Mental Health

The workers and those who are in charge of mental institutions across the world we celebrate your generosity. You have invested a lot of time and energy in this field of work and your labor will not be in vain. The various sponsors who seek to be a blessing to mental illness research you have done a great job. You have valued lives and believe that someone can be cured.There are still room for this kind of support throughout our world. These kind of investment will help to educate the wider public so we can all function better.

Mental Health Support For Children

Support A Child With Mental Health Condition

Parents and caregivers you have been gifted with the ability to nurture the children who are affected with mental illness. You also had to grow to understand how to deal with the experiences as they occur. Many children have been rejected and it is mental institutions that rescue them. Parents and caregivers God has a place in His heart for you because you care for these children. Children with mental health conditions can be very warm and sociable once they are understood. It is our duty to keep these children positive. We must help them with socialization issues and to know who to trust.

Impact Of Mental Health On Adults

 With Mental Health Condition Needs  Support

Adults impacted by mental health conditions must be treated with respect. Many are citizens ardent in their daily contribution to society. Many are able to function in the family and in the workforce while others social lives have been limited. Through investment in education, treatment and caring support many affected will be better able to function well among us.

Adults impacted by these conditions are also able to know when they are been rejected or treated well. Through love many can be healed because love is giving. We give support and show them that they are important to us and we are willing to listen and learn from them. It is important to help eliminate or reduce the stress that can impact adults with mental conditions.

Mental Health Support Through Voluntary Service

Voluntary Service Support Team

As we observe World Mental Health Day let us spread the awareness and support the organizations involved. Many organizations will also welcome voluntary service. This may help to ease the organization’s burden. Doing volunteer service will also help to increase their awareness and a new passion can also evolved. Through voluntary service special bonds can develop which can have positive impact on those being affected by mental illness.

Do What Jesus Would Do

As there are various kinds of mental illness I believe there is no one is beyond healing. When Christ was on earth there were many kind of infirmities and He healed many. Wouldn’t be joy for those who work these institutions see those who they have bonded with become healed? I believe so. We can also imagine the family members especially parents, oh what joy that would be for them.

May the Church rise to full potential and exercise the power given so that healing can be experienced. Oh that there could be a day connected with World Mental Health Day that would celebrate the healing of many. I wonder what would we title that day.

People Praying For Healing

May we never give up. May we receive inspiration to rise above all the difficulties and lend our hand of support. We have power over mental illness and I pray for the success of all these organization. In all our doing may God be glorified. An account of Jesus speaking in Matthew 25: 35- 40 He said He was hungry and thirsty and he was served.. He then said He was naked and was clothed, He was in prison and He was visited. The righteous asked, when did we do all these? Jesus then said when we have done to one of the lest among us we have done it unto Him.


6 thoughts on “Mental Health Support”

  1. Wonderful post, Maurice. Thank you bringing awarness to this critical area. There is so much stigma regarding mental sickness and we need to eradicate them. God bless you.

  2. I believe a lot has been happening in this area but there’s the challenges of funding I pray that God will bless some of these corporates companies to bless the mental health corporation world wide because it’s a wordy cause I declare a blessing upon those who volunteered their services thanks for sharing your thoughts God continue blessings be your portion

    • I am in agreement with your prayer my brother. This will worth is all when those that have needs in these areas can get the necessary help. May the visions of those corporations who are involve be expanded so we can see better support

  3. Thanks for sharing this information Maurice. I pray those who suffer from mental illness would get the help they need and that the church would speak out more on this issue.

    • I must first say welcome back Dawn we miss you. Yes Dawn I hope all who suffer mental illness get the help needed and the church rise up in miracle, signs and wonders to be a blessing to these people.


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