Maximizing Our Potential

Some Potentials Are Birth

When shut down happened all over the world the working force came to an halt. Many jobs were affected. We had to start thinking out the box and begin maximizing our potential. Amids the negatives so many potentials are birth which makes many people become independent.

Our Potential Brings Hope

At this time of recession and price hikes, the experience during and after the shut down could help us to think out the box. Nothing happens by chance. If God allows what we are experiencing to happen, then we still have hope. It is in God’s power to help us excel.


Purpose Ignites Through Potential

As we seek to enhance our ability to survive, we will analyze best methods to increase our finances. We often pray and hope of inspiration. Influence could also come from family, friends, teachers or our community at large. These can be source of influence to help direct us into our purpose in life. When purpose ignites through potential there is a sense of welbeing and confidence.

Encouragement Through Discipline

May the greatness in us be discovered. If you are procrastinating, may this writing ignite some passion so your unfound potential come alive. I know that there are bills to pay, and responsibilities, but great blessings come through discipline and sacrifice. Maximizing our potential is key, no one will do it for us. Out of every crisis there are opportunities for achievements. Be encouraged, let’s seek to do our best.


  • Avoid distractions
  • Focus on whatever it takes to gain mastery
  • Educate ourselves through the necessary methods available
  • Be very prayerful and allow God to direct our steps
  • Balance our time so we don’t miss ot on what we want to achieve


These creative ideas now become the game changer in our society. Inspiration comes from God and He is to be glorified in all that we seek to do. It is our faith that causes us to be victorious. Through Jesus Christ we are over-comers, all we have to do is obey the council of His word and walk into the blessings. We are now able to guide and teach others, to be impactful in society.


8 thoughts on “Maximizing Our Potential”

  1. A timely inspiring read. When we could have been doing something great, many choose to live in negativity, anger , blame, fear. Yes, we need to see our circumstance as a blessing , a door in finding God, ourselves, our purpose . Stay safe🙏

    • Thank you. Yes we need to always try to look at the bright side of life and live by faith. There are so much things we can do and learn at this time.
      Thanks for commenting.

  2. A great read, truly inspiring post. I pray that when this is all over many would have come to Christ and learn to be kinder to each other. Thank you for challenging us to see the glass half full. Blessings.

  3. So true this is also a chance for us to come to grips with reality and see what matters most. We need to value each other and be supportive too. God bless you have a great day

  4. Amen. Thanks for spurring us, Maurice. Indeed we have a lot in us. May we work with the talents and resources He has given us knowing they are inexhaustible.

    P.S: I love your new theme. ☺👍

    • Thank you Herry I had tried a few changes before but I wasn’t please until i really focus on this one. I am happy you like it.
      There is so much that the Eternal Wise All Powerful God has placed in us to be a blessing. God is so skill at gifting us to complement each. We need to really see what God is doing


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