Making Of A Good Leader

Making Of A Good Leader
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Leaders of today you were born out of the leaders of yesterday. It is important for leaders of today to remember that you will be shaping the leaders of tomorrow. Some leaders stand the test of time as they go through adversity while many shamelessly compromise the journey. The world today as other times before continues to cry out for the need of good leadership. The making of a good leader comes with a lot of responsibilities and sacrifice.

Good Leader’s Characteristic

Good leadership begin in the home where character patterns are formed or adopted. A boy will learn how to be a good husband and father by the way he sees his father treat his his mother and guide him as a son. A girl will learn to be a good wife and mother by the actions of her mother. Good leaders are known to be good followers which begins somewhere in the process of their life’s development. Sometimes the traits of a leader can be seen in the actions of a child at a tender age. These leadership trait can be groomed by wise parenting when children are taught right values. The Bible says train up the child in the way he should go and in the end he will not depart from it.


Confidence Of A Good Leader

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When these values are been taught to children and their confidence are been built. These children will be confident and does not shy away from task. They become purpose driven and their outlook on life becomes positive. Organizations are poised for growth with leaders who display confidence. The confidence in the authority of a good leader makes him or her stand out in success. The success of good leaders will becomes the platform for future leaders.

Good Leaders Operates In Humility

Humility builds one’s character and helps us to be sociable. When we are humble we will learn better as those who will be helping us to grow will find pleasure in doing so. In the Bible Joshua was know as Moses minister. Joshua was humble in his task and was ready to take correction. Eventually he became the leader after Moses. A good leader is not puffed up in pride. He or she is ready to listen and serve. Paul in the New Testament encouraged young Timothy in his development in becoming a minister

Questions For The Bad Leaders

To you leaders of today, what is the measure of your integrity? What books should be written about you? Is your character a shining light or as dark as a cave in the night?

Does your conscience speaks to you when you sign that autograph? Does the celebrations come because of the good you do?

Is the responsibility becoming overbearing to handle? Are you willing to come clean when you fall into error?

Good Leaders In The Making

You are a precious gem to bring value to this world. God has placed a gift in your hand. By His Holy Spirit you will operate with it. You will steer the vehicle of success and be celebrated as the nations best.

Good Leader Are:

  • Focus driven
  • Steadfast in walking in their integrity
  • Humble
  • Good servant to those who they have responsibility
  • Understands their position and are not puffed us
  • Those who think about the future

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  1. Thank you for sharing this Maurice. 🤗

    And it’s true your site lost its likes.
    Sorry about that. Possibly the transition/migration changed some settings.
    I was able to like some of it. 🙂

  2. Those who aspire to be leaders should be encouraged to emulate the saviour Jesus Christ who is full of love and integrity he was offered the world but stood on His integrity we need a lot more leadership like our master I hope this is shared by your followers much thanks and blessings Maurice

    • God perpetual blessings be upon you. Integrity is not only a wonderful word but a practice that helps to eliminate shame and pain. Integrity is a lifter, it will promote us.

  3. Thank you for reading one of my posts from long ago. I usually featured the men in June.
    Great points about good leaders. We need tham in these times. 🙏🙏

  4. Good post about being a leader. I applaud you for your diligent of seeking out what it takes to be a leader. You are young and from what I read on the right tract about leadership. Keep it up.


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