Know Christ Worship Him

People lifting their hands and worshiping Jesus Christ
An Original Work/ Maurice Malcolm/ Nov 11, 2019

From ancient time you are who you are. Today you remain uncontested.

Tomorrow, until eternity you are still the same


Your throne is unshakable, your crown is unmovable

Mt Sinai, felt your power as fire kindleth

You have been distinguished as the most holy, most righteous God

Thou great ancient of days I worship you.

The blood of thy only begotten son was not tainted with sin

Therefore his blood gives life, makes new, disgrace evil powers, multiply deliverance and brings glory to you.

Even in ignorance of who are, humans cry out to you in times of sorrow,

Their spirit knows that there is a maker that doeth right.

The joy of the spirit of a believer been enveloped by the Holy Spirit is priceless and clean

Therein, mankind find the path to life as they are instructed from thy throne room.

By thy Holy Spirit gifts are given to raise the dead, give sight to the blind, hearing to deaf and dancing to the cripple.

Ashes are replaced with beauty, the oil of joy is poured out to remove mourning.

You clothe thy people with the garment of praise so that heaviness will go.

We are now trees of righteousness because, we are planted and nourished by thy grace and truth

Psalms 107″ 31 “Oh that men would praise the Lord for his goodness and for his wonderful works to the children of men”


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