I Go To Prepare A Place

An Original Work/ Maurice Malcolm/ Jan 3, 2020

You have called me to share in your splendor

Oh what a great wonder!


Viewing the beauty of nature brings such a thrill

Reading about heaven, oh, I am hungry to do your will

For this purpose, the price you were willing to pay

So I can smile with you on that great day

There are many songs about eternity story

It makes me more determine to one day walk on the streets of glory

Heaven is real, hell is real

Hear the Master, the pastors and prophets as they appeal

Twenty four elders cast their crown along with the angels and worship

My passion for soul must increase so we can get on heaven rapture ship

Now we know there is no time to waste

Let’s be ready to meet at heaven’s place.


18 thoughts on “I Go To Prepare A Place”

  1. It’s wonderful to know that one glorious day that we shall see Him as we are the one who died for our sins and in doing so showed us how wicked sinfulness is it seperate Him from God it’s a lesson for us I want to go to that glorious place where there will be peace and love also worshipping the great God who created us all this thought bring joy to my soul keep encouraging us my brother

    • Christ is faithful in that he was also wiling to sacrifice the pain of separation from the Father. He knows the joy of sharing and He expressly tells us He go to prepare a place for us to understand that there is something better than this where the devil has no chance to manipulate and destroy. Worship can be so awesome at times then just imagine heaven where time is no hinderance, all problems are no more, we can’t be tired because we are living in a glorious body. We will have no need to be compel to worship because all eternity will be worship. May we all fight the good fight of faith and step into glory land rejoicing.

    • Have a to always give the glory to the Lord Jesus I was at work after 4 this morning while doing somethings and talking to the Lord in my mind then I hear the thought of the first line of the poem. I said to myself this rhymes then after i decide to write it before I forget, instead I decided to start write it as a poem


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