How To Win As A Team

Planning Team Are Discussing Business Ideas

Are you seeking to venture into a business or contribute to the needs of others? Let’s talk and see how we can win with success.Winning is not always about who is first or who can out do the other. Often times we dream of success with the thoughts of rejoicing when we win. How to win as a team comes by how much we contribute. Real success comes when ideas are shared and when we stick to the plan.

Win With The Right Team

Athlete With Baton Getting Ready To Run Relay Team Race

Everyone of us wants to win or to be on the winning team. Teams preparing for an event negotiates to see who will be the best fit for a particular task. There are also roles to fill if there are injuries to any member of that team. The team that becomes the right team is the team that has the right coaching staff. Unification of staff and athletes will enable them to know how to win as a team. This is so as they will have understanding of each other’s strengths and weaknesses The athlete that runs and win an individual race knows that he or she enhances the success of the team. As points are added up the value of team work is more pronounced


Businesses Win With Good Team

As we seek to establish ourselves we know that good team make great success. Anyone venturing into a business seeks to be informed so that he or she can make the right choice. Whatever the niche may be, going into business we all need expert advice. This may be from someone who have ventured into that business area before or those who are acquainted with that field.

Our educational background could make us an expert in a particular area of the business. Teaming up with someone who is also an expert in another area of the business could coordinate a balance. Committed employees are another segment of the business structure that will help to establish profitable outcomes.

Each person playing their role unifies success. Some may deal with various business aspect of the business like digital marketing, accounting, payroll and stock taking. Others may deal with the technical side of the business like computer infrastructure: networking and communication. All these areas can be broken down into other sub-structures. Everyone sticking to the common goal will maintain a successful business.

When Wildlife Exist As A Team

Deers standing together as a team

We often see documentaries of the wildlife. The life of an animal is at stake once it ventures out of its close knit habitat. Without mercies that animal will be killed in no time. There are very dangerous beast among the wild and they can become vulnerable in their quest to make a catch. A pack of smaller animals can make it difficult for the bigger and more dangerous animal if they team up against him.

Jesus Established The Church To Win As A Team

Members of church teamed together and praying

At the time of Jesus’ departure He told His disciples to tarry in Jerusalem until they received power. They obeyed and went to wait for the power of the Holy Spirit at the time of Pentecost. The Bible tells us in Acts 2: 1 “And when the day of Pentecost was fully come, they were all with one accord in one place” Here we see that the people began to unite in expectation of the promise. They not only gather in numbers but they were together in hearts and minds Acts 2: 2 “And suddenly there came a sound from heave ad of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled the house where they were sitting” This unity was very pleasing to God and it created an open door for the Holy Spirit to come. This is a good lesson for us to learn how to win as a team

The Winning Church Operating In Team Power

After the disciples were empowered on the day of Pentecost, they when with power to win the lost for Christ. Peter preached three thousand people got saved. In Acts 8 Phillip went to Samaria and preached Christ. Many got saved after seeing awesome power of God at work. They witnessed unclean spirit came out of many that were possessed and many sicknesses healed.

Peter and John were sent to minister along with Phillip when they got report that Samaria received the word of God. Through this team work Peter was able to detect the person who was bewitching the people.

Phillip was just one person when John and Peter came their team work was more effective. This also gave room for the Holy Spirit the send Phillip on another mission. In obedience he was able expound the word of God and lead an Ethiopian eunuch to the Lord. Phillip also baptized him before they departed from each other

How Do We Win

We can be a winning team when we are ready to be a blessing. If we are not able to manage a task we need to ask for help. These promote good team building. It is not good to covet another person’s ability. We should always seek to compliment each others ability and build each other for success. This will eliminate frustration and stimulate growth and productivity

Paul in his writing spoke of the parts of the physical body in reference to the church. The fingers cannot be the foot neither the eyes be the mouth. The operational gift for each members are different but are set up to serve each other. As we work according our specified gifts we become the wining team that strengthens each other’s spiritual development

Effective teams respect what each members have to offer and the role they are capable of playing. Team building can empower the character of each members and bring the best out of each other. New ideas that are shared will be formulated into productive breakthroughs


Each of us are blessed with our unique talent to be a blessing to society at large. The empowering of the Holy Spirit in the life of a believer grants us gifts for the working of the ministry and the edifying of the saints. The world at large have unified on various levels. The victorious church coming together in the unity of the Spirit know how to win as a team. May the church of today pick up the mantle of this spiritual unity and win for Christ


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