His Voice Makes The Difference

As our imagination runs, can we imagine?

Can we imagine what goes on, inside


The giver of life speaking within

I wonder, we must have a happy body

He is here to glorify Jesus Christ

He speaks to you and me

Looking back I remember He said “Time now”

Very still, calm, gentle and yet powerful was He

I didn’t ask for what reason

Now I know I was in Christ reaping season

Such great, awesome power I couldn’t resist

For someday I will enjoy heaven’s wonderful bliss

Looking back I can say Hallelujah

As I rejoice thanking my Lord and Savior

To your precious voice my spirit had respond

l now have power over the voice that causes wrong

Speaking to mankind won’t cost them dime

Reap them so they know your love in this harvest time.


4 thoughts on “His Voice Makes The Difference”

  1. Thank God we were in Christ’s reaping season when He reaped us into His kingdom. Lovely Poem, Maurice. The voice of Jesus will always make a difference in our lives. Glory to God.
    I am still having trouble reaching your blog from WordPress. I am not sure if it is my phone because sometimes my phone unfollow the people I followed. These phones are too smart🙂

    • That poem started when I was at work and at time talking to God and worshiping Him I realized I said something and it rhymed so I thought about writing it down. I went to the laptop and started to write and all of that flowed in a few minutes. It was unexpected for me. I am m happy it becomes a blessing.
      my blog address is mauriceomalcolm.com when you go on the site don’t click on home at the menu area click on Blog and you will see all of the blogs I have.

      • I saved your website on my phone so that I can reach it easily. The link that is attached to your name when you write a comment takes you to a page that says your blog no longer exist. Maybe you need to rectify that part.
        Continue to write poems as God inspires.


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