Half Way Of The Journey

Woman rejoicing and giving thanks for the half way of the journey
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Today we are privileged to step into the threshold of the sixth month of the year 2020. At the end of this month we have a closed chapter of the first half of the year. May this chapter be closed with joy, peace and victories. Half way of the journey of this year we are faced with an unknown and not easily comprehend virus

Be Encouraged On This Journey

May the powers attacking our destiny be expired at the end of this six month. We have to trust the Lord to lead us through to safety in these troubling times. May our steps we enlarged this month so that we may never fall in the traps of the enemy.


As we traverse the next half way of the journey may our lives be totally aligned with the holiness Christ requires. May we lose ourselves by saying ‘not my will but thy will be done oh Lord’. This is a time when we should more than ever keep our eyes on Jesus so He can guide and shape us. May we allow the Potter make us become an excellent wonder among the people. He will give us power over fear so we can be bold to resist the devil.

Testimonies Through The Journey

We have our testimonies of the first half way of the journey to help us when the battles get harder. I pray that in this season we will receive our specific and unique visitation from Christ. May Christ pour His oil of joy, oil of favor, oil of holiness upon us to operate in the fire of the Holy Ghost. As we thirst for God may we enter the water brook to quench the thirsting of our soul. May we drink the living water so that it become a well spring of life flowing unto eternity. May our health, youthfulness and strength be regenerated to be used for the glory of God.

I pray our minds will be solidified and stay firm on the Solid Rock no matter the test. Amidst the chaos in our world today, amidst the increase of the enemy’s plot against our lives and destiny, may we stay the course. The God that fought for Israel will fight for us.

The seeming to be unshakable powers shall be shaken and the glory of God will be manifested in our lives. This will prepare us to overtake and conquer the second half of the year. Our names shall be established because Jehovah God shall establish us in Jesus Christ name. I decree a joyful ending for this Month of June in Jesus name.


13 thoughts on “Half Way Of The Journey”

  1. Very good and encouraging words. May the Lord continue to water your soul as you make yourself available to be used by Him.

  2. The engrafted word of Life is our source and as we go forth it will sustain us forever it’s a new season and the fresh anointing will empower the believers in our quest to serve our God and King Maurice more blessings upon your life thanks again stay focused God desire to take you to new levels in Him

    • Amen the word of Life is our sword, it shapes us, it corrects us. God bless you in exceeding abundance as you continue to seek Him. Thank I receive your decrees in Jesus mighty name.

  3. Thank you for those inspiring words may the Lord continue to bless you as you share and encourage us through your writings


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