God Raise Us Up For His Purpose

Every call of God is impacted by a need. It is not that God has a need, it is us humans that need God’s intervention. We always see from scriptures that God always raise up someone or some people to deal with crisis. When there is a need for deliverance God always raise up some to be His hands and feet of deliverance.

When there is need for open heaven so that prayers can be answered God always raise up an intercessor.


When there is need to pull down idolatry God would raise up an Elijah to prophecy the mind of God and contend with the powers in operation

When the fullness of time for the deliverance of the children of Israel from Egypt was at hand, God send forth Moses in the world. God then prepare him and later sent him on the mission for the liberation of Israel.

When the light was gone out in Israel and there was no word or answer from God, God raised up Samuel who was covenanted to God by his mother. She promised God if God give her a man child then she would give him back to God. God agreed and after Samuel was born and was weaned his mother brought to the temple as she promised God. God then started talking to Samuel and later raised him up to be the last judge and priest of Israel. He was faithful in his calling and God used him mightily.

We who are called by God must seek to do God’s will. The will of God is bigger than us. God will raise us up to do great and mighty things some personal, some in our community, some in our nation, some trans-national. Let us not limit God or limit ourselves. Decree that I can do all thing through Christ.

God can use us as intercessors and prophets to protect the covenant of our families and our country. As we see the degradation of morality and increase lawlessness, we as children of God are at hand by God for special appointment. May the Moses, the Ezekiel, the Jeremiah, the Joshua, the David, the Isaiah, the Caleb, the Daniel among us rise up.

May our prayer life become very hot in preparation for the open doors to do the will of God. May God by His infinite wisdom empower us and position us in His divine timing to do His will. May we become the game changers that are ordained to bring revival and victory to the body of Christ in this end time.


15 thoughts on “God Raise Us Up For His Purpose”

  1. It’s good to be reminded that God has purpose for all of us his children and all so in this time his purpose is being fullfilled in the earth as well as our individual lives

  2. “The will of God is bigger than us. God will raise us up to do great and mighty things some personal, some in our community, some in our nation, some trans-national.”
    I believe this statement whole heartedly. God is raising up people for such a time as this. May God help us to be obedient to His will. Piwerful post, as usual. Keep up the wonderful work that you are doing for the Lord.


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