God Of The Impossibilities

When we think of the word impossibility our first thought is about something that cannot be done. Impossibilities are limitations, limited to man. In the spiritual world there are things done which are above human ability such are communication and movements as walls and door are no barriers. We now take into consideration someone who sees no impossibilities, knows no impossibilities and do the impossibilities, He is the Living God, the Christ, the Lord God Almighty.

As we take time to observe the earth and the contents which the Living God had spoken into existence there was no blueprint for Him to follow. Remember the earth was without form and void and darkness was upon the deep but by His word we see the lights which are the sun the moon and the star. The vast contours of the mountains, hills and terrains. He had clothed the land with trees and other vegetation. The purposes of God’s creativity was then made known to man. This creativity of God is an impossibility to man.


Israel a nation which God chose, went into bondage and at the time of their deliverance God chose to deliver them in the most impossible way. As the Egyptians pursed them, the closer the Egyptians get it became more difficult for the Children of Israel to escape. The God of the impossibilities choose to make the water of the sea to stand like a wall, so the Israelites could walk through on the flooring of sea like dry land. He then use that same miracle to swallow the Egyptians as the waters came back together. May the God of our salvation destroy the powers that want to keep us in bondage

Three Hebrew boys living a righteous life decided they will not defy the laws of God to please man. They didn’t bow when they were threatened even if God didn’t deliver them. God allowed them to be thrown into the fire. The temperature was turned up seven times hotter than the norm. While they were in the fire they were not burn as the deliverer had showed up and even manifested Himself so the king could say he saw one like the Son of Man in the fire. Jesus Christ the deliver became the fourth man in the fire and took away the heat because He is the consuming fire and has power over every kind of fire. Those who were set out for the destruction of the three Hebrew boys were cast into the fire and they were burnt to death. May the fourth man Jesus Christ in our fire be exalted as He quench all the fires like problems the enemies want to use to destroy us.

The nature of a lion is to attack and kill what they see as prey. Daniel was adamant to obey the laws of God rather than that of man. The enemy seek to use his righteous living against him. The decree which was made was to limit Daniel spiritually but he stood his ground and continued to pray. The decree that king had signed cause Daniel to be cast into the den of lions. They knew the right time to throw Daniel in the den when the lions were hungry. The God of the impossibilities who is the Lion of Judah Himself has authority over the lions and they had to obey His command. Those who had caused the king to sign the decree were then thrown in the lions den and they were ripped in pieces before they hit the ground. These were hungry lions who couldn’t touch Daniel an impossible act became possible because God was with Daniel. May the voice of our enemies roaring against us hear the voice of Jesus Christ and be silent forever

Jewish history had mentioned of John the Apostle who was cast to the island called Patmos. Here we see one of the impossibilities that became possible with God. John was placed in a container of boiling oil because he was preaching the gospel. The boiling oil did him no harm and this caused many of the people who were there to spectate John’s demise to turn to Christ. Those who wanted to get rid of John decided to banish him to Patmos. Cast out by man but John was still with Jesus Christ. There in Patmos, John got the revelation of the end time and message to the churches which has its impact on us today. It was stated that John was also given poison to drink and it didn’t harm him and they gave it to a criminal and the criminal died. May Lord God Most High manifest His power in our lives through the impossibilities and the unexpected and be glorified

A young man full of confidence and zeal after experiencing the power of God had heard a giant speaking against the God of Israel and the people. David answered the giant without fear and decreed his demise. David went and took five stones and came back for war. What are five stone in comparison to the strength of a giant, the Philistine army, armor, sword and spears. David who had experienced the power of God faced the giant without a shield but he was clothed in the power of the Holy Ghost. One hurl of the stone from the sling went straight to Goliath’s head and killed him. May the God of the impossibilities empower us in time of battle to silence to mouth of our enemies.

Whatever we are going through and all we see impossibilities showing up, let us remember the God of the impossibilities. He have the whole world in His hand. If God have the whole world in His hands then each of our problems are lighter than dust to him .When the fire of the enemy is turned up in our situations like the three Hebrew boys had experienced, remember what God said in Isaiah 43: 2 “when thou walkest through the fire, thou shall not be burned neither shall the flame kindle upon thee” When the enemy is cursing and roaring like a lion remember remember David who God empowered to kill the lion. God will empower us to walk in victory and cause our enemies and problems to bow before us. Let us take courage in the word of God and allow God to carry out His will in our lives


10 thoughts on “God Of The Impossibilities”

  1. Amen. I received these words. I pray that my God who specializes in the impossible will move mightily in my life to make possible some impossible things that I am believing God for right now. These things may be impossible for me, but they are more than possible for God. Please help me pray, my brother. Thank you and God bless you.

    • Thank you, When I was writing about the wall of Hindrance I was thinking about you. Even before that I would think about how you, Dawn and Efua would evaluate my writings. I am praying for you sister be strong in the Lord. I know you know but if we can watch the thing we have to eliminate in our situation is that wind of doubt. I use the word wind because we believe God’s word but that little thought that flow by if we sharply reject it and stand on the word of God we shall reap in victory.

      • I have to pray and ask God to remove my unbelief. Sometimes I try to process in my mind how things will work out and then the Lord keep reminding me not to lean on my own understanding but to put my faith and trust in Him. Thank you for your prayers and have a blessed day.


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