Battle Against Failure And Setbacks

In our lifetime we have experienced some failure and setbacks. Many people have experienced some comfort but have not attained their full potential. There are those of us who are determined to battle against failure and setbacks to achieve what God has promised us. We look beyond our present circumstances with a determination to break … Read more Battle Against Failure And Setbacks

Writing About My Website Migration

internet technology computer display

I take this time to do a writing about my website migration. I have finally migrated my website Soul Renewed Inspirational from to and I will be using a self hosting company where I can have more control of the site. It took me some time and there are a lot of stuff … Read more Writing About My Website Migration

Mountain And Valley Battles

Wherever I am I will seek you oh Lord When the test of time comes whether on the mountain or in the valley You are there with me as my battle-axe On the mountain top or in the valley there will still be victory The battles of the mountains are different from the battles in … Read more Mountain And Valley Battles


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