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Category: Salvation

Faith 8

The Value Of Pain

Many times in life we have passed through afflictions, disappointments, rejections and we are crushed. The questions we often asked when we think about our circumstances are, why me? why […]

Faith 9

Shaped In The Fire

When we consider life and the many challenges, some times we wonder why Especially when we are praying about somethings and it takes forever to see an answer or a breakthrough.
Remember God is not dead. The promises of God are yea and amen. God knows how to sustain us in our trials and He knows how much we can bear

Faith 4

Stand Up For Jesus Christ

Who had believe our report and to whom does the arm of the Lord have reveal. The word of God is such a precious treasure that humanity really need to value. Many have been rejecting the word of God while some are in countries where preaching is forbidden and they are risking their lives to hear the gospel because they […]

Faith 5

Arise To Fulfill Purpose

God has invested so much is us. There are gifts and talents yet to be unlock to bring glory to His holy name, joy to our lives and others. As we journey through the stages of life and come to know Jesus Christ in a personal way then we begin to realize how much God had done to protect us […]

Ethics 0

Maintaining Moral Values

The moral values or ethical standards are set out as rule or regulations can be maintained if we get familiar with them and decide to keep putting them in practice. Even as society change and values seem to fall in the cracks what have been set out can be maintained by knowledge and practice for the greater good. Understanding the […]

Faith 2

Oh God Let My Story Change

The Bible says any man in Christ is a new creation. This is so because we have receive the spirit of the Lord. We grow and conform to God’s righteousness when we read, understand and obey the word of God. These good things does not come without struggles because the devil is set to fight us to try to get […]

Faith 6

The Benefits of Justification

When the enemy of our soul seeks to push us into condemnation, we must remember that we have a lawyer that speaks on our behalf. Not only does he speaks on our behalf but He also took to Himself the charge or the sins of us all. We are all guilty of sin and deserve our punishment. Galatians 3: 22 […]

Faith 6

The Blessings of Abraham

Abraham was born in idolatry but God had a plan for his life. He was hand picked by God for a special purpose. There are so many conditions we are born into when we come into this world that limits our destiny. Idolatry was enough to limit Abraham from stepping into the greatness God called him into. It was the […]

Faith 5

Who Shall Separate Us?

Life is a journey and the decisions we make tells of the path we desire to go. At times we struggle with some decisions because we want to make the right choice. The struggles can come from the desires of the flesh or the unsure end that is been projected in our thoughts. The intent of the enemy in these […]

Faith 7

Prayer For Empowerment

Heavenly Father today as I am afford this privilege to be alive and to come in your presence through Christ shed blood I give you thanks. I acknowledge you love, mercies and grace and again I give you thanks. As I am seated in high places with Jesus Christ far above all principalities and powers, I recognize my position to […]

Faith 2

The Lord Is At Hand

The Lord has blessed us to live to see another day. This is a privilege for us to make our ways right. This is a chance to have the sanctifying power of the word of God cleansing and transforming us. As there are people still holding out and enjoying the pleasures of sin, the Bible tells us as Christians in […]

Faith 4

Experience Revival

Many times as Christians we cry out for a move of God in our lives, churches and nations. We have heard of many pass explosive move of God when people gather and fortify themselves in submission to God’s word. There are always few people that will keep their garment free from sin but the majority have need for revival. Today […]

Faith 5

The Wall of Hindrance

Whenever there is going to be a transformation in our lives, especially when there is a flow of good things pertaining to the great expectations there will often be some form of blockage. We could call it our Jericho wall like hindrances Israel came out of Egypt and experienced great signs and wonders. At the time of the transition of […]