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Category: Inspirational

Ethics 13

Video: Putting Forgiveness Into Practice

A healthy Christian life is one that is formed and generated through forgiveness. Our sins were forgiveness by the Jesus Christ and through this forgiveness we gain the power to forgive one another.

Inspirational 7

Video: Who Shall Separate Us

At times in our lives we come to a crossroad where we have to make some major decisions. The test is to see how well we can stand during adversity against the opposing forces that are trying to separate us from God. As we face these trials let us put God first and allow Him to fight our battles and […]

Faith 4

Stand Up For Jesus Christ

Who had believe our report and to whom does the arm of the Lord have reveal. The word of God is such a precious treasure that humanity really need to value. Many have been rejecting the word of God while some are in countries where preaching is forbidden and they are risking their lives to hear the gospel because they […]

Faith 8

Maximizing Our Potential

In this time of shutdown across the world many people become depressed because of all the negatives they are seeing on the television. Today I am encouraging myself and everyone to keep hope alive, God is not dead. Nothing happens by chance and if God allow this to happen, it is still in His power to stop it. In the […]

Faith 5

Arise To Fulfill Purpose

God has invested so much is us. There are gifts and talents yet to be unlock to bring glory to His holy name, joy to our lives and others. As we journey through the stages of life and come to know Jesus Christ in a personal way then we begin to realize how much God had done to protect us […]

Ethics 0

Maintaining Moral Values

The moral values or ethical standards are set out as rule or regulations can be maintained if we get familiar with them and decide to keep putting them in practice. Even as society change and values seem to fall in the cracks what have been set out can be maintained by knowledge and practice for the greater good. Understanding the […]

Inspirational 7

Some Impacts Of The COVID- 19 Pandemic

In this pandemic crisis we can think about some lessons learned. What are the things we see? We know that there are many negatives but what are some positives? The fact that an unseen enemy called corona virus have taken so many lives and disrupt the social norm gives us so many things to think about. There are so many […]

Inspirational 11

Expressing God’s Love

Leading the people in the path of Jesus Christ Offering myself in the service of Christ no matter the sacrifice Value the lives of people as Jesus Christ blood was shed for all Edify, exhort and comfort the people of God with the word of God by LOVE The servant of God loves the people. He make it his duty […]

Inspirational 1

What Do We Do To Be Loved

To be genuinely loved is to place our lives in Gods hand and experience His perfect love. We must then allow Him to shape our lives so He can remove the wrong people and place the right people so we can also express to others our love and receive love from others To be love by someone we must be […]

Faith 2

Oh God Let My Story Change

The Bible says any man in Christ is a new creation. This is so because we have receive the spirit of the Lord. We grow and conform to God’s righteousness when we read, understand and obey the word of God. These good things does not come without struggles because the devil is set to fight us to try to get […]

Inspirational 5

Hope Today For Tomorrow

We now come out of the month of March and step into a new month. As we come upon this first day of this new month of April may we come into a bit of silence and look back at the challenges we have faced and had seen throughout the world. The world have never experienced these depth of challenge […]