Good Friends

crop diverse friends hiking and giving hands to each other

As we desire to enjoy a good life, it is very important to emulate good things. Let us look at the concept of friendship and who are good friends. There are certain expectations that are required for persons to be described as good friends. Expectations of Good Friends Jesus Christ is the epitome of a … Read more


I am now pleased to present this children’s story book to the world. The title of my book is called Life In Ants Meadows, subtitled ‘Mindy Would Not Go Far From Home’. I have always been desirous of writing books. ABOUT THE CHILDREN’S STORY BOOK This children’s story book is an ebook that highlights the … Read more

Ascending To Our Greatness

Achieving one’s greatness comes with challenges. Our greatness is the achievement of our divine purpose. To perfects one’s ability we must dedicate time while sacrificing other engagements. Whatever is our goal we must exercise diligence when ascending to our greatness.This greatness we are looking at here is the vast capacity of our purpose in life. … Read more

The Way To The Cross

The way to the cross was a journey Jesus had been through. Jesus told us in Scriptures “If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me.” There is an intense battle going on. We know from scriptures that in the last days perilous times … Read more

What Shapes Our Character

mother and daughter preparing avocado toast

What Is Our Character Our character is a description of who we are. It is what can be seen physically or revealed spiritually. Our character can be shaped by how we are influenced and the choices we make in life. Often times people are labeled by how they speak and how they dress. The manner … Read more

The Actions Of The Word Of God

a man reading indoor

The Bible says if thou can believe, all things are possible to them that believe. The spoken word of God says ‘let there be and there was’. The lands were formed, trees came along and the water bodies were set in their positions. Everything comes into existence by hearing. All these are actions of the … Read more

Battle Against Failure And Setbacks

man in red crew neck shirt wearing black framed eyeglasses crying

In our lifetime we have experienced some failure and setbacks. Many people have experienced some comfort but have not attained their full potential. There are those of us who are determined to battle against failure and setbacks to achieve what God has promised us. We look beyond our present circumstances with a determination to break … Read more

Christian Growth In A Superficial World

Christian growth in a superficial world is possible. Jesus Christ had lived a n exemplary life for us to follow. He was tempted and he overcame trials and grant us the power over devils. If this wasn’t possible Jesus would not have prayed to the father to keep the disciples in the world. It is … Read more