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Category: Faith

Faith 9

Shaped In The Fire

When we consider life and the many challenges, some times we wonder why Especially when we are praying about somethings and it takes forever to see an answer or a breakthrough.
Remember God is not dead. The promises of God are yea and amen. God knows how to sustain us in our trials and He knows how much we can bear

Faith 10

Putting Forgiveness Into Practice

To be released from sin or offense, Jesus told us in the Holy Scriptures that we must forgive one another. Jesus had showed the disciples forgiveness through His life practices. Jesus had done a model prayer that is written in Matthew chapter 6. In the verse 12 we see in the model prayer Jesus said “And forgive us our debts, […]

Faith 9

Speak Life To Our Purpose

Each of us are place on earth with a purpose. We were born into a family that God allow to be apart of. It may not the best of our liking but we are uniquely place there. It is the responsibility of our parents to teach and guide us in the path of righteousness so we can have an established […]

Faith 4

Stand Up For Jesus Christ

Who had believe our report and to whom does the arm of the Lord have reveal. The word of God is such a precious treasure that humanity really need to value. Many have been rejecting the word of God while some are in countries where preaching is forbidden and they are risking their lives to hear the gospel because they […]