Christians And Social Media Influence

As Society evolves with the various technological advancement, we see that social media now becomes a priority. It is important for us to look at Christians and social media influence. In this era of social media all these influences are at our finger tip while we are on the go. Social Media has taken strong … Read more

Character Building In The Workplace

The workplace is where a lot people spend most of their up time. While some people have to handle more than one job to balance their finance some travel long distance to and from work. Some people get minimal sleep amount of sleep and their time at home is to mainly sleep. Friendship bonds are … Read more

The Christian’s Conduct In The Workplace

Everyone in society have been influence by something or someone. It is said that the eyes are the windows to the world. We are influenced by what we see so it is important for us as humans to be trained or directed to weed out the bad influences we have engrafted. The Bible said train … Read more