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Category: Ethics

Ethics 13

Video: Putting Forgiveness Into Practice

A healthy Christian life is one that is formed and generated through forgiveness. Our sins were forgiveness by the Jesus Christ and through this forgiveness we gain the power to forgive one another.

Ethics 0

Maintaining Moral Values

The moral values or ethical standards are set out as rule or regulations can be maintained if we get familiar with them and decide to keep putting them in practice. Even as society change and values seem to fall in the cracks what have been set out can be maintained by knowledge and practice for the greater good. Understanding the […]

Ethics 0

Higher Ethical Living

A true Christian life is based upon a relationship with Jesus Christ. He came to earth and lived thirty three years in human form. He had lived a lifestyle of complete holiness, obedience to our heavenly Father and showed love to humanity around him. He had also lived a life of very high ethical standard that we have come to […]

Ethics 6

Power Of Integrity

As humans we are known by the character we display. Many people are also good at hiding who they really are. One common saying among my friends I is that “life is spiritual” A true impression about an individual can be suppressed temporary but with time the true manifestation will be displayed. The Holy Ghost will also give discernment in […]

Ethics 9

Benefits of Diligence

This morning the thought of diligence was impressed upon my spirit. Today we look at diligence and how it impacts our lives and the benefits we can receive. From diligence is defined as “constant and earnest effort to accomplish what is undertaken; persistent exertion of body or mind” To be productive in anything we expect to gain success from […]

Ethics 0

Good Leaders

As God carries out His plans on earth through us. There those who He chooses to lead in different capacity. There are different kinds of leadership styles and they are seen through the character of those who are in these positions. Some leaders characters are not known until they get into position, but there are always some form of evidence […]