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Inspirational 60

Happy Mother’s Day

You have been chosen by God to bring a child into this world. From the man came this seed wrapped up in destiny. Placed in nature’s best incubator warm and comfy

Inspirational 7

Video: Who Shall Separate Us

At times in our lives we come to a crossroad where we have to make some major decisions. The test is to see how well we can stand during adversity against the opposing forces that are trying to separate us from God. As we face these trials let us put God first and allow Him to fight our battles and […]

Faith 10

Putting Forgiveness Into Practice

To be released from sin or offense, Jesus told us in the Holy Scriptures that we must forgive one another. Jesus had showed the disciples forgiveness through His life practices. Jesus had done a model prayer that is written in Matthew chapter 6. In the verse 12 we see in the model prayer Jesus said “And forgive us our debts, […]