Ascending To Our Greatness

Eagle Ascending To Its Greatness

Achieving one’s greatness comes with challenges. Our greatness is the achievement of our divine purpose. To perfects one’s ability we must dedicate time while sacrificing other engagements. Whatever is our goal we must exercise diligence when ascending to our greatness.This greatness we are looking at here is the vast capacity of our purpose in life. We can have a specific calling on our life while our functionality is vast. A medical doctor could be a business entrepreneur and at the same time empowering young minds through social programs.

God has made us with mobility and the ability to think, therefore we are not suppose to be stagnant. As humans we are blessed with multiple resources to excel in life. God has fortified the earth so that we can walk in our greatness. We will discuss ways to ascend to our greatness


Identify Our Passion That Will Bring Us Into Greatness

Knowledge is key in identifying our passion. We can learn from others who became successful in a particular field that we are passionate about. Seeking to understand their passion will help us to measure our desire and learn how to attain our success.

It is important for us to look to the one who holds the key to our destiny and knows our purpose in life. He is Jesus Christ our redeemer. When we can’t identify our purpose He is already in the process of leading us into our greatness. Our present circumstances can block us from identifying our own purpose so we must pray for God’s instruction and guidance.

Dedicate Time When Ascending To Our Greatness

Clock To Measure Dedicated Time

We have learned of the saying “The height by great men reach and kept were not attained by sudden flight, but they while their companion slept were toiling upward through the night” Time is one of the most valuable resources which we must use wisely in achieving our greatness. This resource cannot be renewed. Delays might not be denials but delays can create setbacks. The delayed process in ascending to our greatness can be for our learning too. Even though time is valuable, this delay may solidify the foundation of what we will become.

Challenges That Hinders Our Greatness

  • Distractions– When we seek to walk into our destiny or greatness, we can be hindered when we are not settled. We won’t be able to identify our calling. We can find ourselves trying many things to become successful and miss the right one because of distractions
  • Lack of dedication– All good things come with challenges and we have to dedicated ourselves to what we are set out to do. We have to also dedicate our time in a wise manner to reap our success
  • Unfruitful Desires– The things we desire to that does not equate with what we are aiming to achieve will become hindrance. They will help us in ascending to our greatness
  • Curses– Inherited family cures can hinder our breakthroughs as we see to walk in our greatness. It can block our connections with the right associations. Curses opposes favor. If these curses are not broken they can become the challenges that afflicts our prosperity.

Express Gratitude When Ascending To Our Greatness

As we seek to make progress in life we must be grateful to God who has granted us the ability to become successful. He has open the door of favor for our success. We have gone through our challenges but it will become experience. These experiences will help us to garner wisdom to be a blessing to others. Our gratitude will help us recognize the value of pain and the sacrifices we have gone through


2 thoughts on “Ascending To Our Greatness”

  1. Beautiful. I think to attain greatness and I am up for correction it imperative to listen both sides of the story those who are successful and those who failed so we will become cognitive of things to do and our Devine relationship is of utmost importance to hear what God is saying about the path we should take ignorance of our lineage can also hinder us from attaining greatness that is why our master of our life cannot be ignored thanks again Maurice God’s blessings.

    • This is well said Bro Haughton. We will certainly learn from the successful and the unsuccessful so we can understand the path to choose to achieve our greatness. Lack of knowledge or ignorance about our lineage can greatly affect our steps especially when there are strongholds to break.
      God bless you for your comment.


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