Achieving Your Purpose

Nothing in this life can create an impact or brings success without a purpose. All the works of the Almighty God are for a purpose. Therefore it very important to seek to learn methods that can help you in achieving your purpose. We all come into this world for a purpose and our purposes are different. Even our parents made pans for us while we were in the womb. They formulated their plans to make everything successful.

As parents create their plans God himself also has His plans which we called His divine plan. Isn’t it nice to know that someone was making plans for us? Are we not all special? Tell someone I am special and you are special too. Naturally parent can never know the purpose or the destiny of their children except God gives them revelation either through dreams, vision and angelic visitation.


Scripture of Thought: Romans 8: 14-17, 28-30

Jesus Christ Purpose Revealed To Mary

In the Bible Mary was told who she was carrying in her womb when she was visited by the angel Gabriel. (Luke 1:31 kjv) “Thou shall conceive in thy womb and bring forth a son and thou shall call his name Jesus for He shall save His people from their sins”

In verse 32 the angel said 1 He shall be great 2 He shall be call the son of the highest 3 The Lord shall give him the throne of David. In verse 33 his kingdom shall have no end.

So Mary had received knowledge of who Jesus would become.

Spiritual Instructions In Achieving Our Purpose

Samson’s Mother was told of the purpose of her son (Judges 13: 4-5) by an angel. The angel stated that she would conceive and bear a son and no razor shall come on his head for the child is a Naz’a-rite unto God from the womb to the day of his death. Samson also shall deliver Israel out of the hand of the Philistines. The mother was given specific instruction neither to drink strong drink or anything from the vine nor to eat anything unclean.

So we see that God can download insight or revelation for our lives to our parent so our lives can be guided in a specific way (who he foreknow he predestinate)

Individually as we come in contact with Jesus Christ and begin to walk in the Spirit, God will reveal things about our lives that gives us insight into the purposes and will he had ordained for us.

One day God told Jeremiah, before he was formed in his mother’s belly God knew him and before he come out of the womb God sanctify him and ordained him to be a prophet unto the nations.

We have talk about examples of people from scriptures that had divine intervention so they could know their purpose. We can see from the Bible in Romans 8 God’s formula for us, on how he process our destiny.

Foreknew And Predestined For A Purpose

1 He foreknows us– He knows everything about us before our parent even knew each other. He knows the character and background of the family tree we would be born into and the influence we would get.

2 He predestines us to be conform into the image of his Son. He knows us and all that we will experience were pre-planned before we are born. He allow our live to be coined a certain way for us to gain certain experience to be used in his divine plan. Moses grew us in the house of Pharaoh God allow him to learn the strategies of Egypt he was also in a position where could become the next king of Egypt. This tells me that Moses could have gained some top secret knowledge. People can be born into a broken family and GOD can rearrange peoples life he can send other people into our live to help direct us to our purpose.

From the negative we can learn to make right choice that can also lead us into his divine purpose. Rahab the harlot who hid the spies when they came to Jericho to spy out the land (Joshua 2) God knew this woman would be in a position to lie to protect the spies. She playing a role in GOD divine purpose is a perfect opportunity for her life to be transformed

The Enemy’s Attack On Our Purpose

For us to achieve our destiny we will have to expect challenges. While God has plans for us the devil is making plans as well. So many of us our dreams and aspirations are messed up because of attacks of the devil.Achieving our purpose is a spiritual battle that cannot be dealt with using physical weapon. We have to war against principalities and powers evil forces that come to derail us to throw us off track. David was anointed to become king. Before he could reach the throne he had to be running for his life. The devil wanted to kill David the purposes of God.

Attack On Jesus’ Purpose

When Jesus was born, Herod made a decree to kill all the children from two years of age and under. Herod had destroyed many purposes. A lot of destinies were wasted. Many doctors, lawyer, builders, teacher, ministers of the gospel, chef and farmers went to the grave at a tender age. When there is going to be a blessing or a break through the devil will try hinder it. When the Israelites were near the time to leave Egypt the new Pharaoh rose up and despise Israel, but a deliverer was coming on the scene. This Pharaoh decided to kill all the male child when they were about to be born. So the devil try in every way possible to stop our purpose.

Achieving Our Purpose Through Life Challenges

Many people experience sickness that could have ended their life. God intervened and preserved life. Many lot of people have experienced poverty which causes setbacks to achieving their purpose in life. Our on time God heals the afflicted, lift the beggar out of the dung hill and breaks the power of setback. He transforms our lives to bring His purposes to pass

Rahab Walked Into Her Purpose

Rahab the harlot of Jericho helped to secure the spies. She knew that Jericho was going to be destroyed. She was wise in requesting that the spies agree to a promise. In the verse 4 the woman took the two spies and hid them. For her good deed in Joshua 6: 22 Joshua told the two spies to go into the house of the harlot and bring out the woman and all she had. Did you know that this woman was the mother of Boaz? Yhe same Boaz who marry Ruth. Ruth a descendant of Moab naturally was an enemy to Israel. Rahab’s faithfulness changed her destiny which helped her in achieving her purpose.

Ruth Connected To Divine Purpose

God had preserved Ruth’s life so that she was able to walk in her purpose. Ruth became the mother of Obed and Obed was the father of Jessie and Jessie was the father of David and the lineage continue to JESUS CHRIST. Rahab was bound in sin but GOD who foreknew her had a predestine plan. The devil thought he had control over her life but GOD knows how to work in our lives. His Justification by the Blood of Jesus Christ will direct us in achieving our purpose. “Therefore being justified by faith we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ” (Romans 5:1)

Jesus Restored Purpose Of A Demon Possessed Man

In Mark chapter 5 there was a man who lived in the tombs. He normally cry and cut himself. He was bound by demons and his destiny was tied up. Jesus Christ decided one day to go over to where he was to set him free. When Jesus was on the boat there arose a great storm while Jesus was asleep after a full day preaching. This wind storm was a contrary one. It wasn’t operating according to the will of God When the disciples waked Jesus, He rose up and rebuke the wind and the Bible said there was a great calm.

The Enemy Of Our Purpose

Question? Who cause the storm? If it was God then Jesus would be rebuking God and his work. Therefore this storm was from the devil. Many times there are contrary winds blowing in our lives to afflict and destroy us. Jesus gives us power to rise up and rebuke these contrary situation so that we can achieve our purpose.

After rebuking the wind Jesus went over and cast our the devils out of the man. He was living in the tombs and separated from his own purpose and the social norm. After Jesus cast out the legions of demons out of the man, the man wanted to go with Jesus. Jesus refused and told the man “go home to thy friends and tell them how great things the Lord hath done for thee” This man was born to be an evangelist and the enemy had bound him. After his deliverance Jesus spoke life into his purpose by telling him to go and tell his friends.(Mark 5:19) Jesus telling him to go means he was sent. The Bible tells us in Romans 10: 15 “How shall they preach except they be sent?”

Afflicting The Nations Can Destroy Purpose

Satan distorts governmental decisions which in turn create negative impact on society. When there seems to be loss of hope people start make choice contrary to their destiny. After falling from grace Some people are restored while the lives of other are cut short. This happens especially when they are out of line with their purpose.

Our prayer today is, Lord show us your way. Order our steps according to your designed purposes. Help us to arise to fulfill purpose Show us what you want us to become, and let it be seal with your peace.


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    • Thank you very much. I think this is one of my specialty. Can you imagine all of us were able to walk in our divine purpose with struggles and setback. We would have far less stress and confusion in our society

  1. Thanks for the examples you provided from God’s Word. Achieving our purpose does come with challenges and takes dedication. Becoming more and more like Christ requires true commitment. But walking in the purpose He has for us is a blessing! Thanks again.


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